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Jan 29, 2013
17:49 Edupristine: When Education turns Enterprising
Atul Kumar, Paramdeep Singh, Pawan Prabhat and Sarita Chand are four visionary thinkers who hav...
Oct 17, 2012
12:08 Economoics for Everyone: Designing Development- The Millennium Development Goals - Millennium Declar
May 02, 2012
15:21 Economics for Everyone: Going Global–FDI Fables–FDI in Multibrand Retail
Jan 30, 2012
Calling the Shots, Raising the Bar
Nitin Potdar, Senior Partner, J Sagar Associates is certainly one of them. Right from his forma...
Nov 28, 2011
Mr. V. V. Deshpande: The suited-booted saint
Mr. Vishvnath Vinayak Deshpande, one of India’s most prolific agricultural, industrial and econ...
Jul 13, 2011
Mr. Brijmohan Sharma, President, Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India
Aug 20, 2010
Economics for Everyone - Interest Rates and Inflation
Prof.M.Guruprasad, Aicar Business School
Mar 15, 2010
Economics for every one…Bringing the BT Brinjal
Prof.M.Guruprasad AICAR Business School
Feb 08, 2010
11:06 Economics for Everyone-Going Global- India Asean FTA
Prof.M.Guruprasad Aicar Business School
Jan 20, 2010
Partha S. Ghosh, Chairman & Chief Mentor, Boston Analytics
Partha S. Ghosh, Chairman & Chief Mentor, Boston Analytics, is a renowned strategist and an in...
Jun 11, 2009
Economics for Environment- Enriching the Environment
Prof.M.Guruprasad AICAR Business School
Nov 05, 2008
Economics for everyone: The crux of competitiveness
Oct 06, 2008
15:02 Economics for Everyone: Building business in India - issues and indicators
Prof. M. Guruprasad, Aicar Business School
Aug 28, 2008
Economics for everyone – Easy Economics credit policy - interest rates in interest of nation
Jun 30, 2008
Economics for Everyone – Inflation: Impact on the Nation
Jun 27, 2008
Economics for everyone: Recession and its reasons
11:20 Economics for everyone -The economics and politics of oil and its boil
Feb 04, 2008
Mahabharata Management….Students should be like Arjuna
Rahul Chawdhry, A graduate of Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK and faculty of Business at ...