Wanted B-school students as FLAME Angels

Here is a never before opportunity to join IIFL’s Financial Literacy Agenda for Mass Empowerment.

India Infoline News Service / 10:43, Apr 25, 2011

With accelerating GDP, per capita growth as well as savings, financial literacy is more relevant and important today than ever before. While the government’s emphasis on financial inclusion is to widen the reach of banking services to unbanked rural areas, IIFL endeavors to complement the effort by helping people make the most of the available banking and financial services.

Here we invite B-School students to join us and make this movement successful for the nation. Even the people who qualify as ‘banked’ population have limited understanding of how to use financial products to help enhancement of financial security, building up wealth and ensuring a comfortable life post retirement,and also how to avoid frauds and losses from unscrupulous agents and ponzi schemes.

IIFL’s objective is to light a FLAME, which will be ignite many a flame to remove the darkness of illiteracy and steer the inclusion of the masses towards the sunshine of growth and prosperity.

So what is your role?

You could become a FLAME Angel and be our representatives at B Schools.

As a FLAME angel,you would be responsible to spread Financial Literacy not only in your Bschoolbut also in their neighbourhood.

On second thoughts why should yoube interested to become a FLAME Angel?

The reason is very simple. FLAME gives you a unique opportunity to use and applyall the management theories and practices that you are learning at B School.This would not only strengthen your CV but also give you enormous confidence and happiness as this is also a yeoman service to the humanity.

In case your performance matches our expectations, you may not even need to ask us about placements, we will happily invite you to join IIFL.

How do you join us?

Yes. We have a selection procedure. To know more about the same send a mail to anil@flame.org.in