Top 10 films to be showcased at Jagran Film Festival
India Infoline News Service / 10:14 , Sep 24, 2013
To be held from September 24-29, at the Fun Republic, Mumbai, the Jagran Film Festival, Mumbai 2013

The 4th edition of Jagran Film Festival has become bigger and better. Travelling to 16 cities across 7 states, the Festival has now reached to Mumbai. To be held from September 24-29, at the Fun Republic, Mumbai, the Jagran Film Festival, Mumbai 2013, showcases several national and international short and feature films across genres. While all these films are best in their respective genres, the festival has shortlisted the top 10 highly recommended films to look forward: 

Meine Schwestern, which means ‘My Sisters’ is a 2013 German film made by Lars Kraume. This 85 minute film is the story of a 30 years old Linda suffering from a congenital heart disease. On sensing her near death she makes an attempt to come closer to herself and her two sisters - Katharina and Clara for once more.

Gaigimet (Keep Smiling) is a Georgian film directed by Rusudan Chkonia in 2012. It is a story full of dramatic events that take place at a beauty contest of mothers. This 91 minute heart-ranching film shows the struggle of ten mothers, five of whom belong to the poorest social layer, to win the main prize of the pageant, which is an apartment and US $ 25 000 cash. 

Evdeki Yabancilar means ‘Strangers in the House’, is a Greek-Turkish film of 2013, directed by Dilek Keser. The film revolves around a house that can not be shared and becomes a silent witness of the intersecting lives of an old Greek woman, and a young Turkish man. This 90 minute film deals with the stubbornness of Agapi, the woman in his 80s accompanied by her granddaughter Elpida, and Yasar, a man in his 30s. Fighting over the ownership of the house, they are forced to share it together. 

Rock the Casbah is a 2012 Hebrew film from Israel made by Yariv Horowitz. Set in the year 1989, an era of Palestinian’s struggle for independence, the film is about the extraordinary journey of a young soldier. Sent by the State of Israel to oversea the Arab population, he tires to find his place in the chaotic surroundings of the Occupied Territories. In this 93 minute film, the director shows how one incident changes the lives of four young soldiers and one Palestinian family.

Directed by Aku Louhimies, Naked Harbour is a Finnish film made in the year 2012. Set in 2011, it’s a Finnish love story of few people seeking love and approval in their lives, at any cost. This 123 minute film deals with the imperfection and weakness of these characters that are lost in their own world. Driven by a common need – to be loved, seen and touched – they are faced with something irreversible during one winter week.

The French film Morning Star is directed by Sophie Blondy in 2013. It is the story of a small circus and its company, which find themselves in the dunes near the North Sea. At this brooding place, without enough audience, the performers of the circus are left to deal with their conflicting personal interests and shortcomings. It’s the story of Heroy, the cruel and schizophrenic ringmaster who creates a secret plot, along with Zephyr, the magician and Zohra, the gypsy, to win the heart of Angele, the dancer. Would Angele leave Elliot, the clown who is haunted by his own conscience and come to Heroy? This 100 minute film tries to find the answer to this.

The Children's Republic is an English film from Portugal  made in 2012 by Flora Gomes. Set in the West Africa, it’s the story of a small country, which every adult has abandoned. In this 78 minute film the director shows how the children get organized and make the Children's Republic a stable and prosperous country, however, they no longer grow up.

The final edition of Jagran Film Festival, Mumbai 2013 will open with Water - a 2012 Arabic film from Israel directed by Yael Perlov, Nir Sa'ar and Maya Sarfaty, Yona Rozenkier, Mohammad Bakri, Ahmad Barghouti, Pini Tavger and Tal Haring. Born out of a unique Israeli/Palestinian cooperation, this 120 minute film is a beautiful compilation of several stories directed by various Israeli and Palestinian directors. While some are fictions, many are based on self experiences of their directors. Revolving around the Israel and Palestine conflict, all the stories deal with human emotions about the issue from the angle of a common source of lives – Water.

A Night Too Young is a Czech film of 2012 directed by Olmo Omerzu.

It’s a story of the two boys who meet their school teacher Katerina and her friends David and Stepan on the New Year’s Day. They all end up together in Katerina’s flat, where the turn of events made them all spend the night there. In the darkness of that night, a sense of tension passes through the group. A series of adventures provide these two boys, who are barely more than children, a glimpse at the adult world. In this 65 minute film, the boys make the adults face the truth behind their power games, seductions and yearnings, which at times could be more confusing and dangerous than other life-threatening habits. The next morning they all, grown at least one night older, leave to their separate ways.

The Japanese film Ningen, which means ‘Human’, is made in the year 2013 by Guillaume Giovanetti and Cagla Zencirci. This intricate and delightfully amusing modern-day parable of 104 minutes is born out of the passion of these filmmaking partners, who have explored the magical world of Japanese folklore through Ningen.

 Along with these international masterpieces, there are many national feature and short films, made in various regional languages by some highly-talented debutants as well as masters of Indian cinema, to look forward at the festival. 

Registrations Free

Location: Fun Republic, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400053

Date: 24th September’2013 to 29th September’2013