Sector Indices

Name Value Change %
BSE Carbonex 1,270.47 [9.8] [0.8]
BSE Greenex 2,132.82 2.6 0.1
BSE INFRA 177.97 [2.6] [1.4]
BSE SME IPO 888.88 2.8 0.3
BSE 100 7,847.53 [57.2] [0.7]
BSE 200 3,161.23 [22.9] [0.7]
BSE 500 9,881.26 [78.7] [0.8]


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What is dematerialisation of securities?
India Infoline News Service/15:10,Sep 14,2013
Managing your investment in securities is easy in electronic or demat form and it has many advantages over managing it in physical form ..
Decoding the CSR clause in the new Companies Bill
GS Rao/11:52,Aug 31,2013
The thrust of new Companies Bill was to enhance corporate governance, accountability and responsibility of directors and independent directors ..
Religion, Atheism and Secularism
Dr. Ram Puniyani/13:11,Aug 10,2013
Many decades ago a plethora of books debated about the existence of God. But last three decades in particular have seen a very different phenomenon i.e. gr..
Has the Bull Market run its course?
David Joy /14:00,Aug 07,2013
That is the question, as the economic traction story has yet to prove itself. ..
Empowering enterprising women in Asia :ADB
India Infoline Research Team/14:04,Aug 03,2013
Women play a key role in innovative economic development & business expansion in Asia and the Pacific...
India feels Nausea as Rupee on Roller coaster ride
Siddharth Rajpurohit/20:02,Jun 21,2013
Rupee started to trade in Indian exchanges from August 2008, at that time it was trading at Rs. 44.00 for every dollar...
Why does India Inc need to look beyond profits?
Shashi Tharoor/19:52,May 31,2013
I am sure you will all agree that it is a theme that is more relevant than ever for not just teachers and students of management such as yourselves but fo..
China’s Credit challenge
Pauline Chiou/09:23,May 07,2013
Part of the problem stems from the number of stimulus projects launched in 2009 and 2010 to help protect China from the financial crisis. The flood of cred..
Emotional Intelligence @ Work
Ritu Mehrotra/16:30,Apr 25,2013
Employers treat emotional quotient seriously these days and this is why there is a lot of focus on workplace happiness and congeniality. In the business en..
Economics for Everyone: Role of Government - Part 2
Prof.M.Guruprasad/11:39,Apr 25,2013
The National Development Council (NDC) or the Rashtriya Vikas Parishad is the apex body for decision making and deliberations on development matters in Ind..
Control your Blood Pressure
A. N. Khan/14:21,Apr 09,2013
The heart is a wonderful organ, working day and night, without rest, beating approximately 70 times/ minute, 100,000 times/day. It drives the blood through..
Business has a new marriage, here comes the CIMO
Julie Woods-Moss/12:43,Apr 08,2013
Building a new relationship takes time, patience and relies upon understanding the other’s perspective, says Julie Woods-Moss highlighting the changing rol..
Are you at risk of computer injury?
India Infoline News Service/14:47,Feb 25,2013
"Motion is the lotion for our joints. Movement and activity circulate joint fluid and promotes cartilage health and bone strength. Too much sitting with po..
Ray of Hope in town
Sudhir Raikar /11:27,Feb 14,2013
A one-of-its-kind three-day Exhibition at Mumbai’s Ravindra Natya Mandir will throw open a rare visual treat of priceless Satyajit Ray memorabilia that con..
Concerns about India’s current account deficit
India Infoline News Service/09:06,Feb 07,2013
Current account deficit occurs when a country’s total imports are greater than the country’s total exports..
Ethics Wake-up Call: Change Behavior before It’s too late
Tony Tan, CFA /12:44,Feb 04,2013
In the 2013 CFA Institute Global Market Sentiment Survey, 56% of survey respondents said that poor ethics is the main cause of mistrust in the financial in..
Stock Market Glossary
India Infoline News Service/10:38,Jan 31,2013
Know the terms commonly associated with the stock market..
The world needs a pay rise
Richard Quest,/11:07,Jan 25,2013
The survey is significant because when chief executives get worried they start to put off investment choices. They retrench, they make decisions to consol..
Short-selling research firms: Manipulating or aiding the market?
Paul Smith, CFA/15:22,Jan 10,2013
In a newly released research report, it likens Olam to Enron in that there are “material similarities in the way their businesses developed” and their “agg..
Can Asia push back the tide of international financial regulations?
Paul Smith, CFA/15:19,Jan 10,2013
A prime example: cross-border issues related to OTC derivatives reform. In August 2012, regulators from Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore collectively ra..