Sector Indices

Name Value Change %
BSE Carbonex 1,260.81 [9.1] [0.7]
BSE Greenex 2,132.03 [12.3] [0.6]
BSE INFRA 178.52 [1.1] [0.6]
BSE SME IPO 900.47 5.4 0.6
BSE 100 7,799.72 [57.5] [0.7]
BSE 200 3,144.77 [19.5] [0.6]
BSE 500 9,831.51 [53.3] [0.5]

Leader Speak

Major (Retired) Madhukar Katragadda, Director, KDJ HolidayScapes & Resorts Ltd
Anil Mascarenhas and Yash Ved /15:53,Jul 31,2014
“We plan to spend Rs. 150 crore in next five year on building and acquiring new resorts. This all will be funded through Debt and internal accruals.”
Sunil Agrawal, Chairman & Managing Director, Vaibhav Global
Yash Ved /15:44,Jul 31,2014
“We expect to pay down our outstanding debt and emerge as a debt free company by the end of FY15.”
Abhishek Somany, Joint Managing Director, Somany Ceramics
Yash Ved /11:09,Jul 31,2014
"We are targeting 20% plus growth in FY15 as there is high growth potential in the ceramic tile industry."
Sharad Venkta, Managing Director & CEO, Toonz Retail India Pvt. Ltd
Yash Ved /11:40,Jul 30,2014
“We are consolidating our business and the entire business is funded through promoters. We have tied up our funds for next 12 months however currently we are open for a strategic partner for the business.”
Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Vice Chairman & CEO, Zensar Technologies
Yash Ved /15:32,Jul 28,2014
“The company has booked and executed excellent business in both applications and infrastructure services in key markets.“
Sukanya Kumar, Founder & Director,
Yash Ved /12:31,Jul 24,2014
“The economic and political stability due to the recently elected government is expected to act as a catalyst for revival and growth of real estate sector.”
Vaibhav Singhal, MD & CEO, Savemax
Yash Ved /12:17,Jul 24,2014
"We plan to open 15-18 new stores in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh by 2017 with a capital expenditure of around Rs. 300 crore."
Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence
Anil Mascarenhas /14:42,Jul 23,2014
“The biggest problem for Angel investors is the non existence of a secondary market, where we can trade our unlisted start-up stocks.”
Julia Leggett, CEO, True School of Music
Yash Ved/16:07,Jul 22,2014
"The recorded music industry in the UK is approx. $7.5bn. India by contrast is at the beginning of its growth phase with non Bollywood music sales at $150m."
Amit Khemani, Co-founder, CEO, Games the Shop
Yash Ved /15:55,Jul 22,2014
“The Indian Gaming Market has a huge scope, and a potential to reach more than 4000cr by the end of 2017.”
Vikas Oberoi, Chairman & Managing Director, Oberoi Realty Ltd
Yash Ved /10:56,Jul 22,2014
“The aggregate area booked during the quarter was 67,730 sq ft as against 47,675 sq ft booked in Q4FY14, a growth of ~42%.”
Tushar Pradhan, CIO, HSBC Asset Management (India) Private Ltd
Yash Ved /15:08,Jul 19,2014
“We expect rates to be on “hold” till March 2015. This is largely due to the RBI’s stated view that as long as inflation follows the “glide path” to 8 percent, it may not need to hike rates.”
Ranjan Sinha, Co-founder and Chairman, MyParichay
Anil Mascarenhas /14:47,Jul 19,2014
“MyParichay has made talent acquisition a more intelligent process using Social Media, Facebook as a platform to hire and reach out candidates. People are not much active on Linkedin but they do update their Facebook status every day.”
Krishnakumar Natarajan, CEO and MD, Mindtree Ltd
Yash Ved /14:03,Jul 19,2014
“We expect to meet Nasscom guidance of 13-15% for fiscal year 2015.”
R Ramanan, MD & CEO, CMC Ltd
Yash Ved /13:16,Jul 19,2014
"The Company’s software solutions and offerings in embedded systems have found increased traction in Middle East & Africa and European markets.”
Hemang Rawal, Promoter & MD, Samruddhi Realty Ltd
Yash Ved /13:06,Jul 19,2014
“The outlook for real estate industry post budget looks very positive. In the next 6-8 months, real estate market should look healthy.”
Achal Bakeri, Founder, CMD, Symphony Limited
Yash Ved /12:29,Jul 16,2014
“Exports currently contribute about 15-20% of revenue. Going forward, company is looking to enter new markets and growing its cooler business globally.”
Arvind Thakur, CEO and Joint MD, NIIT Technologies Ltd
Yash Ved /12:21,Jul 16,2014
“US geography had a setback when two clients in the BFSI segment scaled down their business impacting overall growth in the region."
Vineet Verma, Executive Director, Brigade Hospitality Services Ltd
Yash Ved /10:52,Jul 14,2014
“With the new government’s focus on tourism and direction to create 100 new tourist cities in the country, India should see another hospitality boom in the coming years.”
Kirti Vagadia, Group Head- Finance, Suzlon Group
Yash Ved /10:44,Jul 14,2014
"We are indeed planning to sell few of our non-core assets in the next 12 months."