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Industry Structure & Developments

Global Vaccine Industry

In the last decade, vaccines have emerged as a strong part of the global healthcaremarkets. Vaccines, which are now preventing over 3 millions deaths annually, have alsohelped in improving the quality of life of millions across the globe. The pharmaceuticalcompanies worldwide have increased their focus on vaccines which appears to be a keysource of future growth. The growth of the vaccine industry can be largely attributed toincreased awareness worldwide supported by increased availability of vaccines ataffordable prices.

The global vaccine market was valued at US$ 27 billion in the year 2012 and is expectedto grow to around US$ 32 billion by the end of year 2013. It is expected that it willcontinue to grow at a CAGR of 11% to reach US$ 84 billion by year 2022. Its future growthwill be backed by vaccines developed through technical advancements for emerginginfectious diseases, cancers and allergies etc. The market is also expected to seecontinuous improvement not only in vaccine design but also in the delivery methodologies.There are several critical vaccines which are currently under different stages of researchand development across the globe including vaccines for HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, dengueetc. While the developed world is looking for these novel vaccines, the developing worldstill requires increased availability of currently available vaccines at affordableprices.

Indian Vaccine Market

India continues to be a major supplier of vaccines. Leveraging its low cost vaccines,India now caters for more than 40% of the global vaccine supply. Its own vaccine market isestimated at around US$900 million and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23% from 2011 to2013.

India is on the verge of being declared polio free country as it has not recorded anycase of polio since January 2011. The country has now started focusing on increasing theimmunization of pentavalent vaccine as it has already included the same in theimmunization schedule of eight states by 2012. With its remarkable track record forproducing low cost vaccines and increasingly available funds for R&D, India is wellpositioned to take the lead in the creation of innovative affordable high quality vaccinesfor the developing world and cater to an ever growing demand of domestic as well asinternational market.

Global Pharmaceutical Market

The global pharmaceutical industry is going through a challenging time driven by trendssuch as increasing regulatory compliance requirements, patents going off, lower R&Dproductivity, pricing pressures from generic players and governments, globalization anddemographics. The global pharmaceuticals market reached US$962 billion, with a 2.4% growthin year 2012, its lowest growth in the last ten years. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of5.3% to reach US$ 1.25 trillion by 2017. While the US, Japan and other developed markets,coping with patent expiries are expected to grow by 1-4%, the major growth will be drivenby the pharmerging markets i.e. countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia.The major factor for this growth is due to the contribution made by 'pharmerging' markets,generics and the biologics space. Amongst all developed markets, the US still continues tobe the largest, followed by Japan and Germany. However, what's noteworthy is that bygrowing at a significantly higher rate, the pharmerging markets are expected to accountfor over 30% of the global market in 2017, up from 25% in 2012. In doing so, thepharmerging markets will, in the aggregate, exceed the size of the US market in 2017. Inthe year 2011 and 2012, few biggest blockbuster drugs lost patent protection. The impactof patent expiration or the "patent cliff" will continue by 2016. It isestimated that medicines that currently generate US$133 billion in US alone will losepatent protection and face generic competition.

* Total Unaudited and Audited Global Pharmaceutical Market By Region


2011 2007-2012 2013 2012-2017
Mkt Size *US$Bn Mkt Size **Const. US$ % Growth **Const. US$ % Growth **Const. US$ CAGR% **Const US$ Forecast % Growth **Const US$ CAGR %

**Const US$

Total unaudited and audited global market 962.1 959.0 2.4% 5.3% 5.3% 3.3% 5.3%
Total unaudited and audited market by region
North America 348.7 349.0 -1.0% 3.4% 3.0% -2.7 - 0.3% 0.7 - 3.7%
Europe (EU + non EU) 221.8 224.3 -0.8% 0.9% 2.4% -1.8 - 1.2% -0.4 - 2.6%
Asia (including Indian Sub-continent)/Africa/Australia 168.3 168.1 12.8% 12.8% 15.0% 11.4 - 14.4% 11.4 - 14.4%
Japan 112.1 110.5 0.0% 5.6% 3.0% 2.8 - 5.8% 1.7 - 4.7%
Latin America 72.5 68.6 10.9% 12.4% 12.0% 9.0 - 12.0% 10.0 - 13.0%

Source: IMS Health Market Prognosis, June 2013 *US$ uses actual quarterly exchangerates ** Constant $ uses Q4 12 average exchange rates

Notes: All forecasts are from IMS Market Prognosis 2013-2017 which provides a view ofthe audited and unaudited market, using audited sales and adjusting for unaudited sales.The forecasts are based on the June 2013 Market Prognosis release and includes IMS HealthAudited and Unaudited markets

Indian Pharmaceutical Market

India is one of the top five pharmaceutical emerging markets globally. It haspositioned itself as a front runner in a wide range of specialties involving complexdrugs' manufacture, development, and technology. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is ahighly knowledge based industry which is growing steadily and plays a major role in theIndian economy. The number of pharmaceutical companies are increasing their operations inIndia.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is now ranked globally the 3rd largest in terms ofvolume and 13th largest in terms of value. The total market size of around Rs.1,233 bnincludes domestic consumption market of around Rs.600 bn (contributing around 49%) and theexports market being V around Rs.633 bn (contributing around 51%). The industrygrew at a CAGR of 13% during the past five years and is expected to grow at a robust CAGRof 15% during FY2012-17 given huge export potential coupled with steady growth in thedomestic formulation market.

The future growth in the domestic pharma market will be driven mainly due to increasein the penetration of medical facilities, increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases,rising per capita income and increase in the health insurance coverage. Growth in theexports of pharmaceutical products from India will be driven by patent expiries of themajor branded drugs across the world, particularly in the US market. The growth in the USmarket will be led by increasing generic penetration and healthy ANDA (Abbreviated NewDrug Application) pipeline of Indian pharma players.

Business Segments

Pharmaceutical Formulations

Domestic Sales and Marketing

Panacea Biotec has pan India presence through a structure of domestic strategicbusiness units (SBUs) operating through a network of distributors, depots and field force.The Company focuses on niche therapeutic segments with several established brandsattaining the leadership position in the market.

Panacea Biotec has six SBUs in the domestic pharmaceutical market catering to differentfocused therapeutic segments providing quality patient care in most of the majortherapeutic segments. The company has allocated the SBUs into two broad categories - SuperSpecialty and Acute & Chronic Care.

The Super Speciality business focuses on enhancing the quality of life of patients inneed of critical care with a range of formulations through 3 SBUs viz. Transplant SBUfocusing on organ transplantation, Nephrology SBU focusing on dialysis and OncoTrust SBUfocusing on oncology (cancer care).

The Acute & Chronic Care business focuses on multi-specialty therapies through 3SBUs viz. Diacar Alpha SBU focusing on diabetology, Procare SBU focusing ongastroenterology, orthopedics & pain management and Growcare SBU focusing on multiplespecialties.

The aim of each SBU is to attain leadership position in its chosen markets andestablish brand equity in respective therapeutic segment by way of innovative products andscientific marketing approach. The SBUs promote a portfolio of brands with a special focuson Orthopaedicians, Cardiologists, Diabetologists, General Physicians, Nephrologists,Oncologists, Haematologists, Chest Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, Consulting Physicians,Pediatricians and Gastroen terologists.

Transplant SBU

The Transplant SBU contributes in prolonging the life of organ transplant recipientsand is responsible for marketing of the immuno-suppressive drugs in the therapy area ofpost multi-organ transplantation primarily kidney, liver, heart transplant etc. The SBUhas carved a niche in superspecialty segment and created a scientific image and hasachieved clear leadership in these segments.

Transplant SBU's brand portfolio includes PanGraf (Tacrolimus), Panimun Bioral(Cyclosporine), Mycept (Mycophenolate Mofetil), Mycept-S (Mycophenolate Sodium), Siropan(Sirolimus), EverGraf (Everolimus), Imuza (Azathioprine), VagaCyte (Valganciclovir) andAmphoject (Liposomal Amphotericin B).

This SBU is planning to enter newer segments and introduce many new products. There areplans to enter segments like anti-rejection segment to provide an end-to-end solution forthe organ transplant recipients.

It is also exploring the autoimmune segment in Hematology, Bone Marrow Transplant andRheumatology where there is immense scope for the use of the entire immunosuppressants andanti-infective range.

Nephrology SBU

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a worldwide health problem and incidence of kidneyfailure are rising significantly. People suffering from high blood pressure or diabetesare more prone to CKD. According to recent trends, population of people suffering fromhypertension & diabetes is on a steep rise leading to rise in number of patientsdiagnosed with CKD. Dialysis is primarily used as an optimal therapy to compensate thelost kidney function in such patients.

The Nephrology SBU is focused on providing "End to End solution in CKDmanagement" thereby catering to need of every CKD patient. The SBU is focused onrenal anemia management, renal nutrition and CKD-MBD (Mineral Bone Disorders) therapy.

The SBU currently has a brand portfolio of Epotrust (Erythropoietin), Overcom (IronSucrose), Alphadol (Alfacalcidol), SevBait & SevBait-DT (Sevelamer Carbonate), Fosbait(Lanthanum Carbonate), Mimcipar (Cinacalcet Hydrochloride), K-bait (Calcium PolystyreneSulphonate), Proseventy and Renhold.

The renal anemia segment is the largest contributor to the overall Nephrology businesshaving a share of 52% to the total business. Epotrust is amongst the fastest growing brandof Erythropoietinin anemia market & offers a wide range of SKU's (from PFS to Vials)catering the need of individual patients.

OncoTrust SBU

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Like the western world, theperil of cancer has reached huge proportions in India with nearly 1 million new cancercases getting added every year to the existing cancer burden. The increasing cancerincidence has witnessed the Indian oncology community fighting this battle against cancerwith more dedication.

Oncotrust, the third Super Specialty SBU, is working with an object to make existingcancer treatment more affordable and also to develop NDDS cytotoxic drugs that enable thepatients to get high quality and affordable medicine for better cancer management alongwith highest order of safety.

The state-of-the-art Cytotoxic (anti-cancer) products facility at Baddi is going to befully operational in FY13-14 & demonstrates organizational commitment to serve morepatients in fighting this dreadful disease.

The new product launch by this SBU during the year included Neupokine (Filgrastim PFS)& re-launch of PeggTrust (PegFilgrastim) with new formulation matching internationalstandards.

The OncoTrust SBU has further consolidated its position as a profitable BU bycontinuing to grow year on year. This SBU has 15 products encompassing the major therapyarea in cancer like lung, breast & colorectal cancer, gliomas, haematology andsupportive care.

Diacar Alpha SBU

Today, India is the diabetes and hypertension capital of the world and Indians arefurther heading towards becoming the CAD (coronary artery disease) capital of the world.WHO estimates that diabetes related mortality may increase upto 35% by 2015. Today, Indiais poised at the ascending limb of epidemic diabetes. By the end of year 2025, 70 millionwill suffer from diabetes and associated complications. Similarly, cardiovascular segmentis consistently showing high growth every year.

Diacar Alpha SBU is the highest revenue contributing SBU of the company with dedicatedmarketing and sales infrastructure for Diabetes and Cardiovascular therapy management.

Diacar Alpha focuses on Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, \ Cardiologists andPhysicians in a fiercely competitive scenario and has achieved significant leadershipposition in oral anti-diabetic segment.

The flagship brand of Diacar Alpha is Glizid-M (Gliclazide & Metformin) which isthe No. 1 brand within the Company across all SBUs.

The brand portfolio of Diacar Alpha includes:

Oral Hypoglycemic agents: Glizid, Glizid-MR & Glizid-MOD> (Gliclazide Modifiedrelease), Betaglim (Glimepiride), Betaglim-M (Glimepiride & Metformin), Metlong &Metlong-DS (Metformin), Glizid Total and GlimTotal (Glimepiride, Metformin &Pioglitazone);

Cardiovascular agents: World's 1st Modified Release and patented Ramipril - RAMY(modified release Ramipril with double peaks) developed through in-house patentedtechnology, Lower-A (Atorvastatin), Lower TG (Atorvastatin & Fenofibrate) and Tecbeta(Metoprolol Succinate); and

Co-prescriptives: Myelogen Forte (Methylcobalamin 1500 mcg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg,Enzogenol 50 mg, Vitamin B6 3 mg & Folic Acid 1.5 mg) & Myelogen PG(Methylcobalamin 1500 mcg, Pregabalin 75 mg SR, Folic Acid 5 mg & PyridoxineHydrochloride 20 mg) which has gained wide spread usage and is growing fast. In co-morbidconditions like Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.

Procare SBU

Procare SBU caters to chronic care segment of Orthopedic and Gastroenterology therapythrough focus on specific disease management with deep rooting in osteoarthritismanagement. Within orthopedics, SBU's focus is on osteoporosis, osteoarthritis andrheumatoid arthritis management and within the gastroenterology focus is on constipation,anorectal disorders, acid-peptic disorders and product range in liver disease management.

This SBU promotes a portfolio of brands with special focus on Orthopaedicians, Surgeonsand Gastroenterologists along with Consulting and General Physicians. The brand portfolioof Procare includes:

Gastrointestinal: Sitcom (Euphorbia Prostrata) Tablets and Cream, Sitcom Forte(Euphorbia Prostrata & Calcium Dobesilate) tablets, Sitcom LD (Euphorbia Prostrata& Lidocaine) cream, Livoluk (Lactulose), Livoluk Fibre (Lactulose & Ispaghulahusk), Gush (Lactitol Monohydrate & Ispaghula Husk), ILAone (Ilaprazole) & ODpep(Pantoprazole & Domperidone);

Chronic liver diseases: Uciro (Ursodeo Xycholic Acid);

Anti-osteoporosis: Vacosteo (Zoledronic acid, 3rd generation injectablebisphosphonate), Alphadol-C, (Alfacalcidol), Calcom (Calcium Carbonate, Calcitriol &Zinc) & Monthiba (ibandronic Acid);

Anti-arthritis: Willgo (Nimesulide), KondroOD (Glucosamine) & Kondro Acute(Glucosamine & Diacerein), Kondroflex (Collagen peptide, Glucosamine & Vitamin C)& Kondrogen (Collagen peptide);

Pain Management: Nimulid-MR (Nimesulide & Tizanidine), Delupa-P (Aceclofenac &Paracetamol), Delupa-TH (Aceclofenac & Thiocolchicoside), Delupa-SP (Aceclofenac &Serratiopeptidase), Delupa-CR (Aceclofenac) & Dolzero; and

Gout and Hyperuricemia: Febarto (Febuxostat) launched during the year.

Sitcom has evolved as the first choice among anti-hemorrhoidals withinGastroenterologists and Surgeons. This success has motivated the SBU to launch innovativeformulations in the form of Sitcom Forte tablets and Sitcom LD cream for the first time inIndia.

Growcare SBU

Growcare SBU focuses on gastrointestinal (GI), anti hemorrhoidal, cough & cold,vitamins and minerals and pain management therapies.

Committed to reduce the burden of these diseases, Growcare marks the Company's presencein therapy areas like anorectal disorders (piles and hemorrhoids), gastrointestinal,respiratory (cough, cold and allergy), anti-infectives, pain relievers, vitamins andminerals. The different specialties serviced by Growcare SBU are General Physicians,Consulting Physicians, ENT Surgeons, Pediatricians and General Surgeons.

The brand portfolio of Growcare includes:

• Anti hemorrhoidal: Thank OD Tablet & Cream, Thank OD Forte & LD Cream;

• Anti-infective: Ocimix (Ornidazole), ValueCef (Cefixime), ValueCef-O (Cefiximeand Ofloxacin);

• Cough, Cold and Fever: Cough syrups range Toff MD, Toff DC & Toffexpectorant, Orangemol Suspension;

• Tecpara (technological advanced Paracetamol) an in house R&D patentedproduct), Tecpara-AC and Tecpara-D;

• Pain Management: Nimulid & Nimulid-MD (Mouth dissolving), Nimulid SP &Nimulid-HF;

• Gastrointestinal: EnBa, EnBa-Rab, FiberFOS, HiFibre and Livoluk kid;

• Vitamins & Minerals: Wholesum; and

• Anti TB: Myser (Cycloserine) & Myobid (Ethionamide).

Brands Review

Over the years, Panacea Biotec has established leading brands that enjoy top of themind recall by the medical fraternity. The Company's brands command excellent market sharein their therapeutic segments. According to AIOCD AWACS (MAT JUN'13) Sales value, PanaceaBiotec is among Top 50 companies in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market with Nephrologists,Dentists, Orthopaedicians and Diabetologists giving the best support. As per StockistSecondary Audit of AIOCD AWACS (MAT JUN'13), Glizid-M stands at 206th rank among topbrands in the Indian Pharmaceutical market and retain number one position within itscategory.

Glizid group grew by 18% during the year maintaining its leadership among Gliclazidesulphonyl urea market. Euphorbia prostrate (Sitcom and Thank OD) family also grew by 18%and is number one prescribed therapy in Hemorrhoids management. Mycept and PanGraf grew by12% and 13% respectively in FY 12-13, are also leading brands in the Organ Transplantationsegment where the Company enjoys market leadership position.

Brand Standing and Market share

The Company's key brands across therapeutic categories and their ranking/ market sharein India are:

Brands Market Share % Ranking
Diabetes and Cardiac Care:
Glizid M 25.2 1
Glizid 40mg 36.1 1
Glizid 80mg 25.9 1
Glizid MR 30mg 17.5 2
Glizid MR 60mg 10.3 3
Glizid Total 13.4 3
Pain Management:
Nimulid MD 5.7 3
Nimulid 100mg 7.4 3
Nimulid MR 11.4 2
Nimulid SP 8.9 4
Kondro OD 15.0 3
Kondro Acute 14.1 3
Vacosteo 10.2 2
Tuberculosis Management:
Myser 6.0 3
Myobid 2.8 5
Livoluk 5.2 4
Sitcom Tabs 7.9 4
Thank OD Tabs 7.3 5
Cilamin 96.5 1

*Source: AIOCD AWACS JUN'13.

*Market Share and rank is calculated within its immediate operating market i.e. thestrength or the immediate market (wherever applicable).

Panimum Bioral, Mycept and PanGraf are also leading brands in the Organ Transplantationsegment but have a poor reflection in IMS SSA/ AIOCD audit does not track institutionaland hospital sales.

New Product Launches

Panacea Biotec continues to expand its product portfolio by launching new productsevery year. During the year, the Company launched new products in various therapeuticcategories including:

• DeLupa-SP (aceclofenac & serratiopeptidase), Delupa-CR (aceclofenac CR),Delupa-P (aceclofenac & paracetamol), Tecpara-AC (aceclofenac & paracetamol),Tecpara-D (diclofenac & paracetamol) in Pain/Analgesics segment;

• Line extensions of flagship brands GLIZID and BETAGLIM family; including SemiGlizid-M, Glizid Total P 7.5, Glizid-M OD 30, Semi Glim Total 1, Semi Glim Total 2;

• KondroFlex (Collagen Peptide) in anti-arthritic management;

• Vagacyte 450 (Valganciclovir), Amphoject (Amphotericin), EPOtrust 5K(Erythropoietin), SEVBAIT & SEVBAIT-DT (Sevelamer), NEUPOKINE (Pegylated r-HumanGranulocyte Colony Stimul atin g Factor) in Organ transplant and immuno-suppressantsmarket; and

• Sitcom Forte, Thank OD Forte, Sitcom LD, Thank OD LD line extensions inAnti-hemorrhoids market.

International Pharmaceuticals Business

The year under review was a year of sustained growth and expansion for InternationalPharmaceuticals Business by strengthening the existing trade business in market place andventuring into new markets. During the year, the company's international pharmaceuticalformulation business generated revenue of Rs.1,278 million with a spetacular growth of40%.

During the year, the Company received its first USFDA approval for Tacrolimus Capsulesand launched the same in December 2012 in US market through the Company's strategicalliance partner Kremers Urban Inc. (part of UCB Group). During the year, Panacea Biotecalso entered in another strategic alliance with Osmotica Pharmaceuticals for research,development and commercialization of 18 drug delivery based, high barrier to entry genericpharmaceuticals products in US. The Company has recently filed its first ANDA with USFDAunder this collaboration.

The other achievements for international pharmaceutical formulation business during theyear includes:

• Panimun Bioral and Mycept got included in Russia MOH Federal list. PanimunBioral is the No. 1 brand of Cyclosporine in terms of units supplied to MOH Russia;

• Successfully launched 2 new products, Alphadol and Livoluk solution in Russia;

• Continuous preferred supplier to MOH Sri Lanka for Nephrology products;

• Glizid-MR and Dolzero are the fastest growing brand in respective categories inSri Lanka; and

• Entire Nephrology range of products is enlisted in MOH Kenya with regularsupplies to MOH.

During the current year, the Company is scheduled to enter into other potential marketslike South Africa, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The Company has been successfully registered inUAE and commercialization of products is expected to start during the current year.

With this robust strategies and growth plans, the Company is aiming to achieve aprojected CAGR of 43% in International Pharmaceutical business over next 5 years.

Vaccines Business

Panacea Biotec has always adopted a long-term strategy of development of newer vaccinesand believes immunisation is one of the most important & cost effective ways ofreducing morbidity and mortality.

The Company is one of the leading vaccine producers in the country and has significantpresence in both institutional and private vaccines markets in India and internationalmarkets. It has created a strong portfolio of innovative vaccines against critical andlife threatening diseases like Polio, Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis,Haemophilus Influenza type B (Hib), pandemic flu (H1N1), etc. The Company has over theyears developed advanced fully-liquid combination vaccines, opening a whole new dimensiontowards protecting multiple diseases with a single vaccine.

The Company has been playing a leadership role in the Vaccine R&D, manufacturingand supply to meet demands of National and International agencies for the developingworld. Panacea Biotec has made vital contributions in the development of vaccine marketand also improved the life of millions of children by providing innovative vaccines ataffordable prices across the globe. The Company is continuing with its efforts tostrengthen its vaccines portfolio by adding more vaccines in future.

Panacea Biotec has played a key role in polio eradication program by supplying around10 billion doses of Oral Polio Vaccines to Government of India and UN Agencies which ledto polio free India since 2011. Panacea Biotec continues to be committed to polioeradication programme and its objectives as laid down in GPEI.

Panacea Vaccines

During the year, the Company launched its SBU 'Panacea Vaccines, for marketing itsinnovative pediatric vaccines in the domestic vaccines market. The major brands of thisSBU includes Easyfive-TT (DTwP-HepB-Hib), Easyfour-TT (DTwP-Hib), Polprotec (enhancedInjectable Polio Vaccine), NovoHib (Haemophilus Influenza Type B vaccine) and Primopol(Trivalent Oral Polio Vaccine). The SBU is targeting to achieve a significant market sharein the pediatric combination vaccines segment in India.

International Vaccines Business

In the international markets, the Company focuses on the emerging and ROW countries.Over the last couple of years strategic collaborations have been initiated in more than 35countries with customized business models. Till date vaccines have been registered in 11countries with further registrations in around 20 countries expected in the near future.

During the year, the Company's international vaccine business achieved a revenue ofRs.38.6 million, from the overseas markets. Bangladesh, Peru, Nigeria, Philippines,Botswana were added as the new markets in addition to the existing markets of Chile,Pakistan, Botswana, Uganda and Swaziland etc.

During the year, the Company also entered into a strategic alliance with JSC BinnopharmInc. Russia for marketing of its Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) vaccines in theRussian Federation. The Company is currently in process of registering its Hib vaccines inRussia. The Company is also exploring further opportunities to expand the existingalliance.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Network

Panacea Biotec has strong Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems designed for creatingend-to end visibility and controls right from sourcing of materials till collection ofreceivables in both Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines segments. The objective has been toensure customer satisfaction by monitoring and improving delive y performance on variousparameters including Turn-around Time (TAT), On-time in (Full (OTIF) and Error-freedelivery of products and promotional materials.

The Company has Pan-India sales and marketing network covering 600 districts in Indiaand targets more than 1.5 mil lion customers through more than1 400 train ed marketing andsales professionals. Panacea Biotec Ltd. has strong logistics network comprising of on ecentral warehouse and 31 Sales Depots/CFA (comprising of 22 Sales Depots/CFAs for pharmaproducts & 9 CFAs for vaccines). Product availability across India is done throughvast distributor network of more than 1,500 Pharma Distributors and 325 VaccineDistributors.

The Company has its Central Warehouse at Delhi and has expertise in cold chainmanagement for storage and distribution of Vaccines under monitored conditions using asystem of Vaccine Vial Monitors, Data Loggers, Ice Boxes, Coolant, Cold Rooms andRefrigerated Vehicles and Tyvek Sheet for sending temperature controlled productsoverseas. This ensures that the Vaccines remain safe and effective against changes in thevariant temperature conditions during transit.

Manufacturing Facilities

The Company's manufacturing facilities for vaccines and pharmaceutical formulations aresituated in India in Delhi, at Lalru in Punjab, at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh and at NaviMumbai in Maharashtra. The Company also has state of the art integrated facility for bulkvaccines, antigens and biopharmaceuticals at Lalru in Punjab. The manufacturing facilitieshave been set up in compliance with internationa

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