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Supreme Industries Ltd

BSE: 509930 | NSE: SUPREMEIND ISIN: INE195A01028
Market Cap: [Rs.Cr.] 7,616.65 Face Value: [Rs.] 2
Industry: Plastics Products

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The World economy has started showing signs of recovery led by USA and followed byEurope and Japan. The Indian economy went through a difficult phase of lower GDP growth inthe year 2013-14 with substantial contraction in demand for Automobiles and consumerappliances.

The Housing Segment also has experienced quite a low demand growth during the year. Theinvestment cycle was quite affected due to several land, environment and mining Policylevel issues.

Overall this has resulted in lower growth of Country's economy compared to itspotential. The country has witnessed a historical election cycle in April and May thisyear. A stable Government has emerged after this election for next five years.

The new Government is committed to put the economy on growth path with a focus on jobcreation. It is committed to give impetus to manufacturing activity which has shown anegative trend in last year.

The 2014-15 Central Budget announced by the Government in July gave directional push tothe economy with a commitment to boost infrastructure activities and open up several jobopportunities. The focus is on affordable Housing, road connectivity and investment pushand it augurs well for the Company's business plans for the year 2014-15 and beyond.


The Polymer consumption in the Country has seen a marginal de-growth in July 2013- June14 period. Overall consumption Nos. stay at around 11 million tons for entire range ofPlastics in the year 2013-14. It is expected that consumption of plastics may start ongrowth path in the current year.

The imports of Plastics products, however, are still growing steadily. A largepercentage of such imports are coming heavily under-invoiced which affects several localconvertors by distorting their operational economy.

The Company observes that in several segments, the share of business of organizedplayers are growing compared to un-organized players. There is a shift towards consumerpreference to buy quality branded goods. This offers opportunities to your Company to growit's business even in newer segments requiring quality plastics products.


The product groups of the Company have been classified as follows:

Group Products
Plastics Piping System uPVC Pipes, Injection Moulded fittings and handmade fittings, Polypropylene Random Co-polymer pipes and fittings, HDPE Pipe Systems, CPVC Pipes Systems, LLDPE Tube and Inspection Chambers and manholes. Bath fittings, Roto moulded Tanks and Fittings
Group Products
Consumer products Furniture
Industrial Products Industrial products, Material handling System and Pallets
Packaging Products Performance packaging film products, Protective Packaging Products, Cross Laminated Film products
Composite Products Composite LPG Gas Cylinders, Composite Pipes and Composite Pallets.

The net turnover (including other income) of the Company under review was Rs 3972.34Crores (including Rs 171.89 Crores by way of trading in other related products and Rs60.20 crores from sale of premises) as against Rs 3406.97 crores (including Rs 113.80crores by way of trading in other related products and Rs 16.00 crores from sales ofpremises) of the previous year.

The Company has sold 2,75,463 tons of Plastic products as against 2,70,650 tons ofPlastic products in the previous year, reflecting a growth of 1.78% in product turnover byvolume.

The Company exported goods worth U S $ 13.58 million as against US $14.32 million inthe previous year registering a de-growth of 5.17%.

Profit before interest, depreciation and exceptional items and taxes during the yearunder review have gone up by 59.63 crores from Rs 539.40 crores to Rs 599.03 crores duringthe year.


4.1 Manufacturing Sites

The Company is able to commence production of its 23rd manufacturing site to makecomposite LPG Gas Cylinders starting July 2014 after overcoming all teething problems.Initially, the plant is starting its production of composite cylinders for export market.

With the sole objective to increase the reach of the Company's products in EasternRegion, the Company is putting up a large Plastics Complex in Kharagpur in West Bengal,after getting all clearances, by acquiring around 53 acres of land. Plans have been drawnto create a capacity to manufacture Protective Packaging Products , various types of rotoand blow moulded products and around 25000 tons of Annual capacity to produce varieties ofPVC Pipe and HDPE Pipes at this location in the first phase. The Company expects that thiswill go into production during the last quarter of the Company's Financial Year i.ebetween April 2015 to June 2015

4.2 Distribution network

To boost exports initiatives, the Company has participated in several internationalexhibitions for Plastics Pipe Products, XF products &Furniture and LPG Gas Cylindrs.The company expects that the fruits of these efforts will be seen in the current yearitself. The Company expects that the export of Plastics products will be growing this yearon wards.

The company continues to remain focused in the manufacture of plastics products. Yourcompany avoids going into those products the business of which is adversely affected dueto large imports. The Company as a Policy does not participate in businesses whereGovernment subsidy is involved. Your company is continuously working to withdraw from thebusinesses where predominant players are from unorganized segment.

Your Company is committed to increase its reach by adding additional channel partnersin several parts of the country where Company's products are not effectively availabletoday. As a part of this initiative the Company has increased its channel partner'sstrength from 2051as on 30th June 2013 to 2257 as on 30th June 2014. Your Companycontinues its efforts to increase its reach throughout the country as early as possible.

Your Company enjoys great loyalty from its distributors. In certain cases there arethird generation distributors who are distributing the Company's products for more thanthree decades.

4.3 Growth Drivers

Your Company targets to increase the share of its branded products. In the year2013-14, the sale of branded goods was higher compared to the sale in 2012-13. YourCompany aims to increase its business share of branded products, year after year.

Several brands of the Company are registered. Company's several product designs arealso patented. The Company continues to move in the direction of getting its designs andprocesses patented on a continuous basis.

The Company has invested a sum of Rs 165 crores during last year. Your company aims toinvest a sum of around Rs 200 crores in the current year. As the business situationimproves during the course of the year, your Company may invest larger sums of monies thantargeted during this year itself


5.1 Plastics Piping Systems

Year 2013-2014 will be remembered in the history of Polymers of a very low growth inoverall Polymer consumption. The country had seen a double digit annual growth in Polymerconsumption for last decade which has now tumbled down to 2.72% for the period April 2013to March 2014. The number was even worse for the period July'2013 to June'2014 as itfurther went down showing a de-growth of 0.62%.

The sluggish economy coupled with political uncertainty was the main reason behind thefall in GDP. Polymer consumption could not be an exception. All along in the past polymerconsumption numbers were always ahead of GDP numbers. This is the first time that polymerconsumption growth rate nos. are lower than the GDP growth.

The Company's principal raw material -i.e PVC saw a similar de-growth in theconsumption during the year under review. In fact it was worse than other polymerconsumption. The consumption of PVC during the period April 2013 to March'2014 had seen agrowth of 2%.It deteriorated during the period July'2013 to June'2014 and ended up with adegrowth of minus 6.59%.

The country being substantially import dependant for its PVC resin requirement had seena spurt in prices due to forex volatility during the period July to December'2013.Beginning 2014 there was lot of suspense over antidumping duty being levied on importsfrom Europe, Mexico and China. This dampened the spirit of importers and as a result, theoverall imports in the country saw a significant fall during the peak season of April toJune. The marginal increase expected in local production also got delayed which kept PVCsupplies quite tight.

The local manufacturers were under cost pressure and therefore, the resin pricesremained substantially high for most part of the year compared to earlier years. YourCompany relied on imports besides local procurement to ensure that PVC resin is availablein adequate quantity to meet its demand during the peak season period.

On demand side, the realty sector except Bangalore and NCR Region showed a recessionarytrend. The Infrastructure projects also have slowed down and so also various activitiesunder JNNURM.

The extended monsoon in October'2013 andthe unseasonal rains and Hailstorms during themonths of February and March'2014 throughout large parts of the country saw a significantfall in demand for pipes going into Irrigation/ Micro-Irrigation. It also affected theBorewell segments.

Inspite of all the above adverse factors your Company could register the volume growthof 6.32% in tonnage terms while in value terms the division recorded a growth of nearly22% during 2013/2014.

The operations of Malanpur plant are well stabilized and its products both Pipes &Fittings are well received in the market. The quality of Fittings produced at Malanpurplant are well appreciated for its consistent quality as this plant is fully automated.

The operations of Malanpur Depot as well as Gadegaon Depot were also streamlinedwhereby customers can source any product from any location giving the advantage tocustomers for low logistic costs & faster delivery period as well as minimum inventorylevels which they are required to keep.

The Kanpur plant ran to it's full capacity. With Kanpur depot supporting, theproduction of Kanpur plant could substantially improve Company's market share in UP,Uttarakhand and some parts of East India which regularly sources it's requirement fromKanpur.

The Company introduced 189 varieties of Injection Moulded Fittings during 2013/2014.They all have been well received in the market. This includes many products which added tothe Company's existing range of Pressure Fittings, SWR Fittings, Aqua Gold series and CPVCFittings. This has enabled the Company to provide complete solution in its portfolio.

Notable amongst the new introductions are the products going for Hi-Tech Low NoiseSilent Pipe system as well as SCH 40 range of Aqua Gold Fittings. The Ball Valves, Unionsand various Traps introduced during the year added to the list of Value Added Products.

The total product portfolio as on 30.06.2014 stands at 6113 which was 5682 at the closeof last financial year, thus adding 431 new varieties of products in the range of variousPlastic Piping Products.

This makes Supreme portfolio quite large. It re-affirms Supreme as a solution providerwith unmatched range of products. The Company thus has become one stop shop for most ofthe requirements in Plastic Piping System.

The Company's newly introduced Silent Pipe products were sent for testing to aqualified German Laboratory which has certified the product as Low Noise. This certificatemay enable the Company to market it's products even in International market. The Companyhas made supplies of this system in the country to several High rise Buildings, Hospitals,Hotels and individual Bungalows.

The Company's CPVC product line is growing satisfactorily. The Company had a volumetricgrowth of nearly 20%. The Company expect the growth to maintain during the current yearalso as the Company is planning to install additional capacities at its Malanpur plant.The Company's CPVC based Fire Sprinkler System is currently with the certification agency.The Company expects to complete the process of certification before end of December' 2014.

The PPRC products have shown a steady de-growth in local plumbing sector. However it isdoing well in Industrial sectors. The Company is pursuing an international accreditationfor this system which it hopes to receive in the first quarter of current year. ThisCertificate may enable the Company to export it's product in several parts of the World incoming years.

The Company's PE Pipes have much better acceptance in the Project and Trade market. TheCompany has witnessed a growth of 34% by value in this segment of business. The Companyexpects that growth tempo will be maintained.

The Company's Underground Drainage System products particularly Eco-Drain Pipes andInspection Chambers are moving well in the market. The Company has doubled the capacity toproduce Eco-Drain Pipes. These products are now being sourced by many Government / SemiGovernment Agencies and Private Developers for various Sewage and Drainage applications.The Punjab Government under its World Bank scheme is sourcing Company's products regularlyfor various sanitation projects.

The Company's 1000 mm and 1200 mm diaManhole products are installed at many places byvarious Municipal Corporations. They are under observation to evaluate the performancebefore the products are finally approved for installation under various schemes.

Considering a market potential for quality water tanks, Company decided to launch 4layers insulated Water Tanks in 500 ltr and 1000 ltr capacity. The products are premiumquality products. It helps to keep water cool in summer season and prevents it frombecoming too cool in winter season. The product is well accepted and based on theencouraging feedback, Company decided to develop 750 ltr capacity tanks for which there isa growing demand.

The Company is waiting to increase the capacity further but currently weighing theoption between Roto Moulding and Blow moulding process to make the same. The decision willbe taken very soon and new capacity will be added either at Kanpur or at Malanpur besidesat Kharagpur. The Company aims to expand this product segment taking the tank capacity tohigher than 1000 litre level.

The Company introduced varieties of Bath Fittings towards the end of December'2013. Thelaunch was initially restricted to South market. After getting encouraging feedback, theCompany launched the products in various markets month after month. By June the productswere launched on All India basis. The Company received good support for the product. Thequality of Company's Bath Fittings at market place is rated far superior compared toexisting products.

With encouraging response from the market the Company aims to introduce many newvarieties of products during the current year. Amongst the new products 'Quarter turn'series will be introduced in the first quarter and another 'Elegant series' will beintroduced thereafter. The 'Chrome series' will be ready for launch before end of 2014 asCompany is installing its own electroplating facility at Puducherry.

The Company's business in Export market saw a moderate growth. The Overseas businessgrew by 10% in Dollar terms. The company received the first prize from PLEX Council forExport of Fittings and second prize for Export of Pipes. The Company aims to boost Exportof PPRC products after receiving necessary accreditation. Similarly, the Company's SilentPipe System may generate good volume of business. The Company is trying to increase itscustomer's base through participation in many international exhibitions.

Solvent Cement - To improve the quality of installation of Plastics Pipe System goodquality of Solvents play a key role. With that objective in mind the Company installedfacility to manufacture Solvent at its own plant at Gadegaon. The products are wellreceived in the market.

The Company got its UPVC Solvent Certified with Bureau of Indian Standards and productis now available with ISI mark.

The ground breaking ceremony of Kharagpur project was done on 29.6.2014. Theconstruction work may start in full swing by August, 2014. The Company expects tocommission the plant in first half of 2015. The Company also aims to start a depotoperation at Kharagpur so that the products manufactured at Jalgaon/Gadegaon and Malanpurcan be stocked to service East India customers with fast service from the Depots. Thiswill improve supply chain dramatically. The customers will be benefited from lowerlogistic cost with a shorter delivery period to meet their requirement.

The Company aims to install at Kharagpur an initial capacity of 25,000 Tons per annumto make varieties of pipes which will include PVC and PE pipes. Over a period the capacitymay be expanded to 50,000 Tons per annum for which necessary land is already acquired.

The numbers of visitors to Knowledge Centre is increasing steadily month after month.Amongst the visitors, more thrust is given to the plumbers training which will impartnecessary skills to the plumbers and installers to follow proper installation practiceswhile installing various plumbing system and sewage products. This should enableinstallation of Plastic Piping System in a correct way so that the system can work forseveral decades giving total satisfaction to the users.

The Company's focus on introducing additional specialty products is helping to improvethe sale of Value Added Products. The share of sale of Value Added Products during theyear under review increased to 27.67% compared to 26.47% of last year.

The Central Government is committed to give large push to sanitation and to buildaffordable Houses for all by 2019 to 2022. The Company makes several varieties of productsto cater for these applications. The Company expects a better growth business scenario forthis division.

Apart from broadening the range of Plastics Piping Products, the Company gives focus toincrease its distributor net work and spend large sums of monies for brand building.

The Company spent around Rs 10 crores during the year by advertising on TV Channels andprint media apart from holding Architects/Builders/Plumbers meet and participating in allthe Exhibitions to showcase its various products.

Several of the Company brands are registered and designs are patented catering to thissegment.

5.2 Consumer Products

5.2.1 Furniture

The Company has its furniture manufacturing activity at five locations viz: Puducherry(UT), Durgapur (West Bengal), Lalru (Punjab), Gadegaon (Maharashtra) and Guwahati (Assam)to cater effectively to different region of the country.

Turnover of Furniture Business has been stagnant at around Rs 260 crore on account ofCompany's strategy to minimize participation in commodity furniture business. TheCompany's focus is to increase the share of value added products. The overall business involume, thus, was down by around approx. 3300 MT i.e 13%.

The company remains committed to its investment plan to further enhance the range ofvalue added products. New products launched were well accepted by the market. Further newproducts are going to be launched in the first quarter of the current year. It willbroaden the range of value added products.

Some more unique design products are being planned for launch during 3rd quarter of theyear. A design centre is being set-up to help developing in-house capabilities to offerunique design products for Indian market. This will support building the superior brandimage of Company's products for its aesthetics, uniqueness and durability.

The launch of Designer Chairs such as 'DIVA', 'TEXAS' 'CAMBRIDGE', 'LUMINA' and 'WEB'are well received by the market for its uniqueness, strength and aesthetic beauty. Thechannel partners and consumers have well appreciated the launches of these Gas MouldedChairs.

The Company's business share of Premium Products has increased from a level of 40% in2012-13 to 48% of overall sales in the year 2013-14. The company expects to furtherincrease sale of Premium Products in the current year. This will improve the profitabilityof business and put it on sustainable growth path.

The Company has 335 Exclusive Franchise Show Rooms on All-India basis displaying entirerange of Supreme Furniture to the customer in a nice ambience. The business is furthersupported by 679 Channel Partners, who are directly serviced by the company.

The company's furniture products enjoy good acceptance in the market for its quality,design, color and range. "Supreme" brand is perceived as a premium brand in thecountry in plastics furniture. It enjoys a reputation of bringing novel products andconcepts for the first time in the country.

The number of all India branded players of quality Plastic Furniture has come downgiving the Company more space to occupy such retail counters, fulfilling the aspirationsfrom this segment of customers.

5.3 Industrial Products

5.3.1 Industrial Components

Slowing demand, both in Automotive and Consumer Durable sector observed in FY 12-13,continued during FY 13-14 also. Both Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle segments, whereCompany's presence is predominant, witnessed de-growth in the industry. Demand recessioncontinued in white goods industry, affecting Company's sale in TV, Refrigerator and AirConditioners segment. In anticipation of improving demand in Auto and Consumer Durables,the Division had initially projected growth of 12%. However, with continued efforts inwidening customer base and product portfolio, the Division could manage to retain its lastyear's revenue with a marginal growth. The Division expects Revenue growth of about 12% to15% during the current year.

Khushkhera Plant continued its journey on growth trajectory. It has achieved revenuegrowth at CAGR in excess of 40%, consecutively for last 5 years. Two prestigious productsof Maruti Suzuki, i.e. Ertiga and Alto 800 which were launched during previous yearfetched decent revenue increase for the plant. The plant successfully started supplies tothe second Honda model, i.e. Honda City and stabilized supplies fully. Development is justcompleted for one of the prestigious compact SUV model of Honda and supplies have startedfrom Noida Plant.

Further, Company is developing parts for the next model of car which is Premium HatchBack, expected to be launched by end 2014. Company expects good long term prospects withHonda Motors.

Focused drive has been taken to consolidate operations for future growth sustenance ofthe unit. Additional steps to re-orient the entire manufacturing operation are on thecards to strength the plant operations so that it can be ready for future growth for whichCompany is optimistic.

Khushkhera plant was honored with 'Energy Conservation Award' for year 12-13, byPresident of India. It became the only plant in Plastics Category in the country toreceive this Award Three times in last Four years.

Noida Plant revenue suffered extensively due to one of its major customers, shifted itsmanufacturing base to other location and simultaneously engaged into outsourcing itsproducts from other low cost countries. Also Sales to another major AC customer suffereddue to prolonged labour trouble at its plant. The Company has re-doubled its focus todevelop new customers and products. The Company has for the first time started supply ofcompletely assembled Coolers for one of it's new customer. These efforts will bringpositive results in improving revenue of the Company, during current and subsequent years.Noida plant also tried and improved its customer base in Auto sector. The sales to AutoSector improved from 2.1% in FY 12-13 to 9.8% in FY 13-14 with respect to total sale fromthe plant. Supplies started for Honda Car for one of its latest model. Company expectsgood growth in Noida plant in future.

Talegaon Plant continued to suffer due to demand recession in Auto sector. Its maincustomer base from Western region Auto sector, suffered badly during last year. Thebusiness of some automotive models which were acquired during previous years, did notactually took off as expected, due to low demand for these models. Although Company wasready with Cockpit Assembly line for one of the prestigious projects of Tata Motors, theproducts could be supplied only in small quantity, as the vehicle production did notstreamlined. Company expects the teething problems to get over during next 3-4 months andsupplies should improve in second half of the current year. The demand in Two Wheelermodel of Piaggio, i.e. Vespa, remained much lower than expected. While both these projectsare expected to improve revenue of Talegaon plant significantly once Auto sector startsrecovering, it is likely to get offset during current year, due to phase out of one of themajor SUV business from Talegaon plant. Company is aggressively focusing to improvebusiness at Talegaon by strengthening its Business Development cell. Company utilized thislow demand period to re-engineer and re-layout the plant for optimum utilization ofresources, improve operational efficiency and consolidate its gain to stay competitive.

Chennai Plant revenue also suffered due to demand recession. The demand started pickingup during second half. Company has developed infrastructure and now ready to manufactureWashing Machine parts and sub-assemblies for one of the large MNC in Consumer Durablesector. This company is setting up its huge manufacturing facility in India and will belaunching various other Home Appliance products during next few years. Regular suppliesare expected to start in a couple of months. Company expects good growth with thiscustomer in years to come.

The revenue in automotive sector for this unit is also improving and it is expected toform a significant portion of plant revenue. Chennai plant continued to have adverseeffect due to continuous power shortage in Tamil Nadu. However, the Company could ensuretrouble free supplies to all the customers, even running the plant by using expensivecaptive power. Power situation is now improving and expected to improve further.

Pondy Plant revenue grew by 18% due to improved demand of Washing Machine parts fromthe Company's main customer. The drive taken during previous year to automate the plantfor man power rationalization, consistency in quality and improving productivity, startedyielding good results. Plant has achieved fairly good reduction in man power due to allthese activities. TPM journey is being continued to improve operational parameters to nextlevel.

At Durgapur & Gadegaon Plants, the utilization of the facility installed duringprevious year, for one major customer from Water Purifier segment, started improvingduring last year. There is steady pickup in demand for this product during last fewmonths. The Company expects this business to grow steadily during years ahead. Companysupported launch of two more new models in this product segment.

Durgapur Plant witnessed sluggish demand from its major customer in auto batterysegment. The demand picked up during last quarter of the year and Company expects bettergrowth during this year from this customer.

In line with its drive to consolidate man power, company has decided to put moreinvestment and efforts in automation since last two years. The same efforts will becontinued during the current year also. The new machines and equipments which are beingadded are equipped with the latest Technology, Energy efficient and designed for Goodrepeatability for better quality. All these initiatives will ensure better Quality,Productivity, Safety, Energy conservation and Cost optimization. These measures have alsohelped Company to negate the impact of inflation due to various manufacturing costincreases and there by remained competitive.

During the year, Company has also managed to get price corrections from some of itscustomers. Efforts are on to get it from all the customers.

The initiatives for implementing TPM at Noida Plant have started showing good resultsin terms of Equipment up keep, Quality consistency, Safety and Employee Morale.

Company is continuously putting its efforts to improve Energy Management by way ofmonitoring energy related parameters on regular basis. Focus on Energy Cost Managementinclude even power buying through power exchanges. These initiatives of the Company, apartfrom cost reduction, will support Environment and Green Initiatives.

As a part of continuous up-gradation and further stabilizing Quality ManagementSystems, all plants continuously get re-certified with up-graded versions of the system,as & when required.

Company has taken lot of HR initiatives at all its locations. Structured approach tobridge the Competency Gap and Performance Management System is being monitored to enhanceHuman Capital. Lot of Employee Engagement activities are initiated at all plants.

Overall rating of the company by its customers meets or exceeds their expectations.Company is considered a highly dependable and valuable supplier. Company received variousAwards and Recognitions from time to time from its customers for its support in Quality,Cost, Delivery and New product development, Overall Support etc. All employees areconstantly re-oriented to ensure utmost focus on Customer Satisfaction.

The Journey towards excellence is being cultivated as a culture and will be continuous.Efforts are being accelerated to increase customer and product base, bring in newtechnology, Automation, Effective cost management to ensure sustained growth with profits.


This division caters to Industrial and Agricultural sectors. Most of the manufacturingsectors have suffered last year. The company was successful in retaining all major reputedcustomers with excellent service and reliable supplier reputation. Hence Industrial cratesbusiness still grew by 16%. However, due to tough business conditions many customersdeferred the purchases. The soft drink business of company was severely affected due topoor off take from both the reputed customers and had a de- growth of 32%.

Moreover, the fruits and vegetable crates business being switched over to reprocessedmaterial where your company does not participate and this sector also had a de- growth of6%. This could be neutralized to great extent by growth in Pallet sales by 28%. Hence thedivision had a marginal de-growth of only about 1%. The company continues to service itsclient with least lead-time at economical cost by manufacturing at six own manufacturingsites spread across the country.

Anticipating our customers' future needs, the Company had moved to giving heavy dutyIndustrial crates with superior product design moulds catering quality conscious customersin automobile, appliance and logistics industry. The company's products for a heavy-dutyrequirement in Fishery Industry have also been well accepted. Company also developed fewnew moulds to cater to specialized applications.

The company has planned to increase the channel partner strength for this business toservice the market. Presently, the strength of Channel partner is 19

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