Buzzing Stocks in NIFTY

Buzzing Stocks is a comprehensive summary of Bullish & Bearish stocks on various benchmarks such as 52 Week High / Low, Days High for the current market session, Stocks Crossing Previous Day High, Open 1.5% above Prev Day, Stock of the Hour, Stock of the Day, Stock of the Month, Stocks hitting Day Low, Stocks Crossing Previous Day Low, Stocks that Opened 3% Below Previous Day Open.

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Details Company CMP Prev. Close Chg (%)
52 Week High NA NA NA NA
Days High HCL Technologies 884.45 870.30 1.63
Crossing Prev Day High Wipro 294.45 291.90 0.87
Open 1.5% above Prev Day NA NA NA NA
Stock of the Hour TCS 2,503.60 2,503.60 0.00
Stock of The Day HCL Technologies 884.45 870.30 1.63
Stock of the Month Dr Reddys Labs 2,457.75 2,030.95 21.01

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