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Saving A Million

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Five retirement planning myths

India Infoline News Service / 18:53, Feb 24, 2015

Growing nuclear families, increased lifestyle expenses, and mortality has pushed Indians to act on Retirement Planning as they intend to create a corpus that will be sufficient to meet their needs during their graying years.

How to sell property during a Real-Estate slowdown

India Infoline News Service / 18:25, Feb 24, 2015

Before placing an advertisement to target broader audience, a person should place his approach to target local audience first.

How couples could be financially prudent ahead of marriage?

India Infoline News Service / 18:05, Feb 24, 2015

Financial distress right in the beginning of a marital life is a situation least expected. The beginning is a time when couples wish to stay surrounded in a happy environment, but money crunch could ruin their dreams.

Credit Score: All you need to know

CreditVidya / 07:50, Feb 20, 2015

In the world of finance, credit plays an important role in meeting our wishes. Be it the dream of owning a big car or a house of one’s own or simply making improvements in your house, you name it and it gets realized with the help of credit from various financial institutions. These days owning an expensive smart phone has been possible for everyone due to availability to cheap and easy credit. But getting loans easily is not true anymore. Lenders no more look at your earning capacity alone but also factor in your past repayment track record in the form of a credit score before making any kind of decision. In such a scenario associating one’s name with a bad credit score may prove to be disastrous.

Why saving for child education is necessary?

India Infoline News Service / 12:35, Feb 19, 2015

In such changing times, the only way to secure a child's future is to make provision for primary education.

Book Review

A Brief History of the Future: The origins of the internet

Sudhir Raikar / 17:03, Jan 05, 2015

Naughton is brilliant in the poignant case he makes for engineers, a largely unsung and invisible tribe which achieves the unthinkable and yet is invariably accorded a lowly status compared to actors, musicians, artists, athletes, doctors and scientists.