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Tax saving from HRA Exemption

Know how much tax you can save from HRA exemption

Annual rent that you pay (Rs.)
Annual Basic Salary (Rs.)
Annual Dearness Allowance(DA) (Rs.)
Annual HRA (Rs.)
Classification of your city
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Five reasons why investors fail in the Stock Market

India Infoline News Service / 16:21, Feb 26, 2015

However, this contradicts with the experience of those who continue to profit from the market.

Five reasons that could invite Income Tax department Tax Scrutiny Notice

India Infoline News Service / 12:32, Feb 25, 2015

Double-check with your accountant and get IT acknowledgement for IT return filed. It is likely that one might have missed filing a return in any year, which might raise a question from the IT department.

Personal Finance: Simple rules of investing

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The smart money techniques are not complicated ones, rather easier than imagined. So, here are some of the handy tips to get ahead in your personal financial lives through adopting simple investment techniques.

How much Health Cover is adequate?

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It is important to get a health insurance plan, but it is more significant to select the right plan.

The good and bad of real estate investment

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There is no such thing as a risk-free investment. For each benefit gained from investing in real estate investment, there exists at least one drawback.

Book Review

A Brief History of the Future: The origins of the internet

Sudhir Raikar / 17:03, Jan 05, 2015

Naughton is brilliant in the poignant case he makes for engineers, a largely unsung and invisible tribe which achieves the unthinkable and yet is invariably accorded a lowly status compared to actors, musicians, artists, athletes, doctors and scientists.