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Tax saving from HRA Exemption

Know how much tax you can save from HRA exemption

Annual rent that you pay (Rs.)
Annual Basic Salary (Rs.)
Annual Dearness Allowance(DA) (Rs.)
Annual HRA (Rs.)
Classification of your city
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Read your CIBIL Report like a pro

CreditVidya / 20:57, Nov 23, 2015

Some simple tips can help you in a better understanding of your CIBIL report. We shall discuss the report component wise to understand it better.

Encash your house property for post-retirement income

India Infoline News Service / 21:28, Jun 21, 2015

The government launched the product in India some eight years back but it has failed to take off, even though it can be a novel way to help cash-strapped senior citizens, whose sources of income are limited.

Portfolio Turnover Ratio: how fund managers go about stock selection?

India Infoline News Service / 08:18, Jun 16, 2015

One must bear in mind, though, that PTR is not an assigned mandate, it only reflects the manager’s investment style.

Virtues of Virtual Wallets

India Infoline News Service / 08:14, Jun 16, 2015

Some e-wallets also offer a mobile app to help you check purchases and wallet balance.

Interest rates falling, should your refinance your home loan?

India Infoline News Service / 23:52, Jun 14, 2015

The point is banks and HFCs are supposed to extend the benefits of falling interest rates to existing floating home loan customers as well, which usually do not happen and requires lot of applications/representations to the respective banks/HFCs to avail of such benefits.

Book Review

A Brief History of the Future: The origins of the internet

Sudhir Raikar / 17:03, Jan 05, 2015

Naughton is brilliant in the poignant case he makes for engineers, a largely unsung and invisible tribe which achieves the unthinkable and yet is invariably accorded a lowly status compared to actors, musicians, artists, athletes, doctors and scientists.