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Choose your financial planner with utmost care

With multiple goals to achieve, there will be times when you will need professional help.

CIBIL Score 2.0: Make entry easy for new borrowers

Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd or CIBIL is the country's largest databases on borrowers. With CIBIL TransUnion 2.0 it has introduced a new rating system for borrower with improved parameter to increase the detection of potential defaults. It will help banks rate new borrowers with a credit history of less than six months.

How to save for your retirement?

Just the savings of 3-5% of earnings will be enough for retirement portfolio. However, if the savings start after the age of 40, people have to take out 15-20% of the income for retirements savings

15 Ways Indian Women Could Be More Financial Savvy

It is heartening that the women today are smartly managing their personal financial lives, here are 15 ways that could give women more control of their finances.

Learn valuable lessons in financial planning from Lord Ganesha this Ganesh Chaturthi

The good Lord Ganesha is also called the "vighnaharta" or the remover of all troubles and is generally invoked before one begins a new venture.

Are online loan approvals of any help?

It seems easy to apply for loans through online marketing portals, as all you have to do is answer a few basic questions regarding your present job profile, income, age and current residential status

A gamut of financial products to woo the ladies

The modern Indian woman is fiercely independent, has a mind of her own and has the ability to multi task. Yet, when it comes to finance and financial products the general perception about women is that she is averse to risk while he is the risk taker and willing to pitch it all up for mighty gains.

Your loan can be rejected without any mistake of yours!

Being a disciplinarian that he is, he checked his old records to find that it was an unsolicited credit card account and he had returned the credit card to the bank

Plan the perfect home loan

Before taking the loan, shortlist the banks you find best suited to your needs. Ask for the loan documents and do read through them

Home loans: Why is it important to get your home insured?

Experts are of the view that demand for housing will be made affordable to some extent and this move will also pump up the demand for home loans.

Housing Loan EMI Calculator

Taking a Housing Loan? Check how much will be your EMI

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SIP as per need – SIP Calculator

Check what should be your SIP amount to get a big sum of money in future

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