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The case for balanced funds

This lack of confidence could arise of out their bleak understanding of equity as an asset class.

Have you missed paying credit card bill?

You face two situations when you miss out on a payment on your credit card bill. First you attract a lumpsum fee due to failure to pay even minimum payment which is due

Five reasons why a women should be financially independent

Indian women tend to give priority to domestic needs over financial independence, which could be a source of demotivation and financial helplessness for them during most of the critical times.

Things to look before buying a Health Insurance

Before buying a health plan, the present as well as future medical needs should be assessed in financial terms.

How does a SIP work?

SIPs provide with the flexibility to buy more units when the price declines and fewer units when the price surges.

Things you should know about Fixed Deposit

The returns are low, but there is no capital risk involved in fixed deposits. It provides a higher rate of interest compared to saving account

Five ways you can reduce your monthly expenditure

They just need to be financially wise to reduce the extra expenses on unwanted products and services

Finance Fundamentals for Freshers

Finance professionals never cease to stress that laying the right foundation at the beginning of your career is the key to future financial success

Why settlement rate matters when buying insurance?

Life insurance is a must in investment portfolio and, therefore, all the aspects related to policy should be carefully analyzed.

Learning about finances from the fashion fraternity

It was a time of high fashion and glamour in Mumbai in mid August. While the rain gods were showering their blessings on the parched city, the whos who in the fashion and entertainment industry were pouring in at the posh Palladium Hotel in central Mumbai and designers across the length and breadth of the country congregated to showcase their autumn winter collection in the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2014.

Housing Loan EMI Calculator

Taking a Housing Loan? Check how much will be your EMI

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SIP as per need – SIP Calculator

Check what should be your SIP amount to get a big sum of money in future

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