• Texmaco Rail

    TEXRAIL manufactures and sells railway freight cars and hydro-mechanical equipment. It is the largest wagons manufacturer in India and has 90% order book exposure to private sector. Company operates in 2 segments - Heavy engineering and steel contributing 7...

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  • Oil India

    Oil India Limited is second largest oil and gas exploration and production companies in India. It has daily production of ~72kbpd of crude oil and ~7mmscmd of natural gas. The government owns 68% of the company.   We build 13.6% revenue CAGR ov...

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  • B P C L

    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is one of the largest refining and marketing companies in India. It operates four refineries with capacity of 27.5mmtpa in total. It markets 38mmtpa of products with market share of ~25%.   We build 15% earnings...

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