• Cholaman.Inv.&Fn

    CIFC is a NBFC and deals in vehicle finance, business finance, home equity loans and distribution of financial products. Its AUM as of Q4FY17 stands at ~Rs.341670 cr. The vehicle finance and home equity constituted ~68% and ~29%, respectively, of the total ...

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  • Subros

    Subros supplies air-conditioner (AC) kits to car makers. It enjoys ~40% market share as a manufacturer of parts of automotive AC systems. It supplies 60% of Maruti Suzuki's requirement of ACs. Maruti Suzuki is its major client, which contributes ~80% to...

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  • Balkrishna Inds

    Balkrishna Industries is a leading off-highway tyres (OHT) manufacturer for agricultural, industrial, construction and earthmoving vehicles and equipments. It has a market share of 6% in global OHT segment. The company posted a revenue growth of 15% on FY17...

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  • Maruti Suzuki

    Maruti Suzuki is India’s largest passenger car company, accounting for ~45% of domestic market share. The Indian market is dominated by compact cars and MSIL dominates this market by virtue of Suzuki’s expertise in compact cars. The compact car ...

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  • Suprajit Engg.

    Suprajit Engineering (SEL), a leading automobile cable manufacturer, posted robust revenue growth of ~41% CAGR over FY15-17. SEL operated in two-wheelers (37%), automotive (24%), non-automotive (16%)  and aftermarket segments (23%) in FY17. Its rev...

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  • Minda Corp

    Minda Corporation is among the leading diversified auto-ancillary companies in India. It manufactures lock systems, wiring harness, die-casting and interior plastic products. It derived 45% of its revenues from the PV segment with Maruti Suzuki being its ma...

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