• Graphite India

    Graphite India, part of KK Bangur group, is India's largest manufacturer of graphite electrodes (GE). It has a capacity of 98000TPA. The company also has a strong global presence with 53% of FY16 revenue coming from exports. Its segments - Graphite &...

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  • Divi's Lab.

    Divis Laboratories manufactures and markets generic APIs and intermediates. It is also engaged in custom synthesis of active ingredients and advanced intermediates for pharma MNCs. In the generics segment, Naproxen (pain management) and Dextromethorphan (co...

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  • Carborundum Uni.

    Carborundum Universal, a Murugappa Group company, manufactures and distributes products under three major segments - abrasives, electro-minerals and ceramics. These segments contributed ~42%, ~34% and ~22%, respectively, towards top-line in FY16. The compan...

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  • Balrampur Chini

    Balrampur Chini has the second-largest sugar manufacturing capacity in India of 76,500 tonnes per day. It has 3% share in total annual sugar industry sales in India. Its sugar plants are located in UP. The segmental revenue mix is sugarcane -78%, cogenerati...

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  • PTC India

    PTC India is India’s leading power trading solutions provider with ~30% market share in trading. Its FY16 top-line breakup consisted of ~90% revenue from sale of electricity and ~8% as return from its financing operations. It has posted a respectable ...

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