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Tata Mutual Fund

Backed by one of the most trusted and valued brands in India, Tata Mutual Fund has earned the trust of lakhs of investors with its consistent performance and world-class service.

Tata Mutual Fund manages around 21,963.00 crores (average AUM for the month) as on September 30, 2010 worth of assets across its varied offerings. Tata Mutual Fund offers an investment option for everyone, whether you are a businessman or salaried professional, a retired person or housewife, an aggressive investor or a conservative capital builder.

The Tata Asset Management philosophy is centred on seeking consistent, long-term results. Tata Asset Management aims at overall excellence, within the framework of transparent and rigorous risk controls.

Tata Asset Management Ltd is a part of the Tata group, one of India's largest and most respected industrial groups, renowned for its adherence to business ethics.

The Group has always believed in returning wealth to the society that it serves. Thus, nearly two-thirds of the equity of Tata Sons, the Group's promoter company, is held by philanthropic trusts, which have created a host of national institutions in the natural sciences, medical care, energy and the arts. The trusts also give substantial annual grants and endowments to deserving individuals and institutions in the areas of education, healthcare and social uplift.

Sponsor: Tata Sons Limited & Tata Investment Corp. Ltd.
Trustee: Tata Trustee Company Limited
Investment Manager: Tata Asset Management LimitedStatutory Details: Tata Mutual Fund, a trust established under a Trust Deed dated 9th May, 1995, under the provisions of The Indian Trusts Act, 1882, bearing SEBI registration No. MF/023/95/9.

Summary of Tata Mutual Fund Schemes

No of schemes : 174
Corpus under management : Rs. 86713.213 crs. (as on 31 Mar 2022)

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