Growth Story

S Gupta, Business Partner, Jharkhand

Tell us more about your initial years.

I joined hands with Indiainfoline as a sub-broker in 2004.The last 7 years has been the most exciting of my life. A complete rollercoaster ride. I started my career as a cyber café and STD booth and transporting in a small company firm in1996, and in 2004 I got an opportunity to be a part of the India Infoline group as a sub-broker.

We had a big workforce of 50 employee and 7 branches located across Bihar and Jharkhand, I took the opportunity to participate and learn all the critical broking processes running at branch level. This helped me gain deeper understanding of our strengths and limitations in servicing customers and refined our representations within our organization and with the customers.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

I wish to be best service provider to our customers with a large client base.

Since when have you been involved with the stock market?

In 1992, I entered the stock market as a trader. The speed of our growth since then has been very encouraging.

How has your experience been as an IIFL partner?

IIFL had given us a growth and moral support in term of business and service. Since I have been working in a brand where company has ethic and value, and when you are working with a prestigious brand differently you will see the growth. I have got good experience to work with IIFL,I am very thankful to this company for the support they have given to us.

Tell us a little about your location. Any interesting anecdotes of the people there.

My branch situated at Rajendra Nagar Patna, that modest set up has today changed into majestic 3500sq ft office with 21 terminal, also currency and commodities. Everyday in this market you find some interesting thing whether its market or client.

Any event or day which you recall, which gave you a jumpstart in your business?

A few years back, an Investor Meet was orgainsed where we had invited all those people who are interested in earning through investment. In that event people asked their questions regarding stocks and other services. The team from India Infoline provided them with all the answers.

Which was your most satisfying moment in your business?

I believe it is yet to come. I hope it would be when people recognize me as 'One of the best service provider.'

What are factors that helped you grow your business?

Constant customer service and regular approach to increase customers have helped me grow my business. Besides, we do regular activities to maintain client's interest in share market. We equip them with research reports like Market Mantra provided by IIFL research team every morning. We also send them mails and sms whenever anything of importance is there.

Beside broking, you also have an UID agency (Aadhaar). Tell us more about it. What are some benefits you see?

We have started UID business this year. Some of the benefits which I see in terms of business are as follows:

  1. I have recruited two sales persons who provide knowledge about equity, currency as well as commodities.
  2. When customers enroll with us we get access quality people and are able to convert them into clients.
  3. This business gives us more and more opportunities for customer interaction.

What is your strategy while handling client especially when market are down?

I advice clients not to panic. Sometimes I advice them to average at lower levels. I mostly advice a majority of clients to invest through the SIP mode. My sincere advice remains to avoid reckless day trading. I think now is the right time to invest money in the stock market.

How do you handle criticism?

Criticism is nothing but feedback on my shortcoming. I take it as a challenge and try to improve. Criticism does tend to sting you but at the end of the day if you work on it and overcome it then you come out of it stronger. If we handle criticism correctly, growth will knock at our door sooner than anticipated.

Your advice to anyone who wants to start a career as a sub broker?

If you choose a path, plan your growth accordingly. Look at the opportunities in that field. Love your job. Be honest and sincere. Observe others and think about how to improve yourself. Don't work for short term benefit. Plan long term. Take up responsibilities.

IIFL is a great place to grow. I always say one thing to my Team, "If you cannot perform in IIFL, it is difficult to perform in any other company." Dealing with IIFL has always been a pleasure since they are so well managed and organized.