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So our netas’ salaries rose from Rs16,000 a month to Rs50,000 a month. Anyone in the corporate world would have jumped with joy but our ministers jumped into the well of the House and demanded even more.

August 24, 2010 12:44 IST | India Infoline News Service

Will MP’s salary hike reduce their other income?

Appraisals seem to be over in most organizations and keeping in line with the current political philosophy and overall economic growth in the country, the government of India has also decided to reward its hardworking MPs with pay hike. The Cabinet had cleared a 300% salary hike for MPs. So our netas’ salaries rose from Rs16,000 a month to Rs50,000 a month. Anyone in the corporate world would have jumped with joy but our ministers jumped into the well of the House and demanded even more. “We should get at least 80,001 a month, which will effectively be a rupee more than the salary of Secretary to the Government of India,” they argued.  Even as I write the Union Cabinet has just cleared an additional salary hike of Rs10,000 a month for MPs as perks which will be non-taxable. Not to mention other perks like affordable housing at Lutyen’s Delhi, free air and train travel, etc.

Given the current level of lack of governance in India, I am sure our netas’ other income will be much more. What are the MPs getting paid for? Some of them don’t attend parliament, most of them do not open their mouth in the parliament.

Like all good HR managers, the Prime Minister’s office should also carry out appraisals of all the MPs and giving them key result areas (KRA)  and individual performance measures (IPM). A list of individual performance measures for ruling party and the opposition party is not really difficult to arrive at.  The opposition party and the ruling party will have their jobs laid out clearly and there will be no need for even a vote of confidence.

Perhaps the Ten Commandments of the ruling party members could be as follows:

  1. Thou shall vote as per party whip.

  2. Thou shall attend Parliament on all important days failing which strict disciplinary action will be initiated which could include losing your seat.

  3. Thou shall wear only white dress & white khadi-kurta pajama. All the designer glares, designer dresses & shoes should be kept for travel overseas.

  4. Thou shall not use business class but travel only by ‘Cattle Class’ to cut costs and more importantly to show to the public that you are a considerate leader.

  5. Thou shall keep all the extra-marital alliances away from the public eye.

  6. Thou should not tweet and even if you tweet you will only use the party language, which in other words means praise the Gandhi & Nehru family.

  7. Thou shall not open our mouth and then leave it to the Congress spokesperson to say the remaining.

  8. Thou shall oppose everything what the opposition MPs say; even if what they say makes sense and is good for the economy.

  9. Thou shall ensure that all funds collected are deposited at the party command center and proper records are maintained thereof.

  10. Thou shall not bother about the problems of the common citizen but speak for the benefit of the ‘aam janta’.

The Prime Minister can measure the performance of the MPs by giving weightages to different IPMs. Based on that, the MPs could receive variable incentives as well as promotions and transfer to more lucrative ministries like oil & gas, telecom, mining, etc.

Failure to perform will result in transfers to non consequential departments like training, sanitation, etc, where growth prospects are lesser.

Someone rightly pointed out the difference between a statesman and a politician. A statesman is a politician who places himself at the service of the nation. A politician is a statesman who places the nation at his service.  On a serious note, if the hikes in salaries of MPs will bring about a reduction in their other income, an even better increment and bonus for outperformance will only be gladly accepted by our nation.

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