HIT Anti Roach Gel: How Cockroaches will kill other cockroaches?

To tackle the cockroach menace and keep her home safe from these disease carrying pests, the home maker currently uses various age-old DIY remedies and branded repellents available in the market.

Mar 18, 2013 05:03 IST India Infoline News Service

Cockroach infestation is a common occurrence in 80% of the Indian households, of which only about 15% do something about it. A key reason for the situation not being seen as a problem is because one sees only a cockroach or two during the day. But, for every visible cockroach, there are many more that are hidden.
To tackle the cockroach menace and keep her home safe from these disease carrying pests, the home maker currently uses various age-old DIY remedies and branded repellents available in the market. The biggest downfall is that most of the existing methods merely repel; that too, only the visible cockroaches. Additionally, the time and effort demanded by these products is immense, and even then there are concerns of safety and effectiveness. There is no product currently in the market that can guarantee complete elimination of cockroaches with minimal effort. Cockroaches therefore keep coming back time and again despite their greatest efforts, simply because they have not been fully eliminated.
HIT as a brand has always stood for the uncompromising action of killing pests by providing efficacious solutions. The brand has taken this commitment to a new level with the launch of HIT Anti Roach Gel. India’s first branded gel that guarantees complete elimination of all cockroaches from your home, especially the hidden ones, with just a click. The brilliance of this product is its unique modus operandi – lure the cockroaches out with the attractants in the gel, infect them and use these same cockroaches to kill other cockroaches; end result – complete cockroach elimination. Moreover, the product requires no pre –preparation, with an easy application mechanism, it gives you up to 45 days no - cockroach guarantee.

It all sounds good, so what’s the problem?
Communication was a big challenge with multiple tasks. To begin with we had to introduce a novel product theory, reiterate the efficacy of HIT as a brand, highlight benefits of the new format, educate on its usage practises, illustrate the seemingly impossible message of cockroach killing cockroach, and ultimately get the target consumer to upgrade from her current, intrusive, insufficient, unsafe and messy remedy to HIT Anti Roach Gel – all the while ensuring message comprehension and stickiness, without overloading it and making it boring like an infomercial.

There’s a lot to say, but how do you make it stick?
The campaign conceptualized by LOWE Lintas and Partners in association with Godrej Consumer Products Limited for Godrej HIT Anti Roach Gel, is aimed at simply amplifying the product feature without adding any layers to the already incredible message. In our new world, thanks to HIT Anti-Roach Gel, cockroaches now kill other cockroaches. Hence, for any human to kill a cockroach is heinous and unthinkable.

“HIT Anti Roach Gel is truly a revolutionary product. It’s unlike the other solutions that are available in the market. It is a boon for consumers, instead of them running behind cockroaches, this gel attracts cockroaches. They eat it, get infected and die. Other cockroaches then feed on these dead roaches and die, thereby eliminating the whole cockroach nest without any effort. What we have done is encapsulate this seemingly complicated message in a humorous way so it doesn’t get lost on the consumer and ends up putting a smile on their face. The sign off, “Cockroach Aayenge, Khayenge aur Jadd se Marr jayenge” closes the loop and acts as a strong leave behind for consumers about what this product does.” Arun Iyer, NCD, LOWE Lintas and Partners
“Given that the product is a novel concept, the task essentially was of educating the consumer on the virtues of the product. The challenge here was to make it edutainment, and not just education. The other fact also was that, unlike the aerosol which requires active human intervention in elimination of cockroaches, the only human intervention with the Hit Anti Roach Gel is in the application of the gel – since the cockroach then takes over the task of killing itself and its community. The challenge again was to ensure that the communication didn’t do away with the human (and as a result humor) angle to an otherwise straightforward product application & action demonstration.” Shantanu Sapre, EVP, Lowe Lintas and Partners
“HIT, is the market leader in the cockroach killer spray segment and has more than 80% market share. With its 22 years of knowledge-base in the insecticide category, the brand understands consumer need gaps clearly.  We have conducted in-depth market research and product tests, and are confident about the product’s ability to expand and extend our leadership for the years to come” Ajay Dang, VP Marketing, Godrej Consumer Products Limited.

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