Equity mutual fund inflows at Rs22,583cr in July: AMFI

On an Overall basis, monthly Net Flows at Rs1.14 lakh crores also stands at an all-time high, driven by robust positive flows during July 2021, into all categories of open-ended schemes, except ELSS and other equity schemes.

Aug 09, 2021 04:08 IST India Infoline News Service

Mutual Funds
Equity Mutual Funds made a net inflow of Rs22,583cr in July 2021 as compared to Rs5,988.17cr inflows in June. The net inflow was up for the fifth consecutive session with flexi-cap category accounting for most of the inflow. Equity and debt mutual funds saw a huge improve in inflows for the month of July.

Among the equity space, ELSS and value funds continued to see outflows in the month of July as well. Multi cap fund inflows have also gone down from Rs209cr in June to Rs164cr in July, as per AMFI data.

Investments into small cap funds has increased from the last month where Small cap funds saw net inflows worth Rs1,233.90cr in July.

According to the data, At Rs35.31 lakh crore, the Net AUMs for the Indian Mutual Fund Industry breached Rs35 lakh crore landmark for the first time ever.

At 10.54 crore folios, the MF industry has added whopping 50 lakh folios for the first time ever, within a short period of just months. To put into perspective, this meteoric rise in the last two months, the MF industry added just 74 lakh folios in the whole of the last 12-month period between April 2020 to March 2021.

Folios under retail schemes at 8.72 crores is also at an all-time high, with massive 55 lakh folios alone being added since April 2021. In the last fiscal, i.e. 12-month period from April 2020 to March 2021, only 18 lakh retail folios were added.

Monthly SIP Contribution at R9,608.86cr is at an all-time high as on July 2021. SIP AUMs at Rs5.03 lakh crores, breach Rs5L crore landmark, for the 1st time ever.

New SIPs registered during July 2021 at 23.79 lakhs is highest ever registration and has led to MF Industry reporting a record high 4.17 crore SIP Accounts. In July 2020, SIP Accounts stood at 3.27 crores. So in the past 1-year SIP accounts have risen by 90 lakhs.

Since April 2021 alone, 33 lakh SIP accounts have been added, taking the SIP Accounts at 4.17 crores as at July 2021 at an all-time high.

Retail AUMs at an all-time high at Rs16.25 lakh crores, now forms 46% of Total Industry AUMs at Rs35.31 lakh crore.

Monthly Net Flows into Retail schemes at Rs40,302cr, is now all time high, driven by record fund mobilization at Rs73,293cr during July 2021.

On an Overall basis, monthly Net Flows at Rs1.14 lakh crores also stands at an all-time high, driven by robust positive flows during July 2021, into all categories of open ended schemes, except ELSS and other equity schemes.

Commenting on the July 2021 mutual fund data, Mr N S Venkatesh, Chief Executive, AMFI said: "RBI's accommodative stance, healthier earnings growth, vaccination-driven steady containment of Covid pandemic and global and domestic liquidity is driving the Equity markets to historic highs. Taking cue, Retail Investors too are participating in the equity rally, largely through Mutual Fund SIPs, on a continued rising quantum at record levels.”

“Rising affinity towards mutual fund asset class is seen from steep jump in Retail SIP Accounts at 4.17 crores, monthly SIP Contribution at INR 9,609 crores, SIP AUM at INR 5.03 crores, Retail AUM at INR 16.25 lakh crores, and Net Retail Flows at INR 40,302 crores and Equity Flows at INR 22,583.52 crores in July 2021, all at record highs, driving overall Mutual Fund Industry AUMs too to historic high at INR 35.31 lakh crores,” Mr. Venkatesh said.

Also, Mr. Aashish Somaiyaa, Chief Executive Officer - White Oak Capital, “this month we seem to have seen record netflows into equity mutual funds considering nearly 27,000 cr inflows into equity and hybrid (non-arbitrage) schemes. Over 50% of this is attributable to NFOs as AMCs try to complete their range as per SEBI scheme categorization norms and some more through thematic launches. Momentum continues in passive products albeit led mainly by overseas funds and funds of funds investing overseas. It is heartening to know that after a long hiatus we have seen over 3000 cr net positive flows in balanced advantage and equity hybrid funds which is the right category to allocate to at this juncture in the markets from a risk averse investors perspective.”

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