Reflections of Mind

3-D Artwork Collection by Saillesh Acharekar

Dec 09, 2009 07:12 IST India Infoline News Service

Perception is a realization arrived at through the complex operation of mind and body. Body we know, but what is the mind? Is it a myth...a metaphor…or a mirror that engineers ‘myriad reflections’ unearthed from the inner subconscious fused with the mundane realities? How deep is the mind that thinks beyond abyss? Many times we think who are we….why are we…what are we ….and search goes on deeper and deeper…self introspection, self-observation of conscious inner thoughts, desires and sensations; these inner reflections of mind, thinking, reasoning and feelings are the main fulcrum of  Shailesh Achrekar’s recent paintings.

His unusual medium metallic laminated finish on ply is an absolutely pertinent medium for exploring the ‘reflections of mind’, as on changing vintage point, it creates delicate ‘form shadow’ that transforms in to a ‘Cast Shadow’ and another figure emerges from beside the main protagonist…‘the self’… as if separating the ‘physical self’ from the ‘non-physical’ one. The transformation of a ‘form shadow’ in to  a ‘cast shadow’ do not take place literally, but the hide-n-seek metaphorical ‘trap’ Shailesh has laid for the viewer involves blocking of direct light reflection from picture surface to the viewer, thereby showing him/her only a single or both the images together from different vintage points.

The effect he aspires to achieve is difficult to gain even after repeated layering and many complex processes. But he is successful in this painterly jugglery and has achieved cinematic effect of splitting a single images in to two on a two dimensional surface. About his medium, he say ‘As my main concern is to explore the ‘reflections of mind’, I was looking for a kind of medium where ‘reflection’ will appear as if it is splitting…separating from the ‘single image’ on the picture surface itself, like on a cinema screen where image splits into two and the ‘inner self’ resist what ‘outer’ realities compel ‘bodily Self’ to accept’.

Saillesh Acharekar’s art has evolved with time. As an emerging artist, His unique, multidimensional and highly contemporary work has no preferred surface for ex-pression he held his first solo exhibition in 2003 titled the Touchwood series which was art on wood. This was followed by Touchwood 2 in 2004. His next was ‘Innovator’ wherein he celebrated the spirit of innovation wherein he etched some ‘Men of Mettle’ using mixed media on metal. His recent exhibition of ‘Me v/s Myself’ was a collection of about 25 works which are mix media on canvas. With his series of paintings, he manages to break the strings that hold him back and discovers himself in the process. After all, what stops us from finding the limits of our creativity is ourselves.

After achieving a BFA from the JJ School of Arts, Saillesh started off as an advertising professional in 2000 at the age of 26, grew to be an Art Director is one of India’s leading ad agencies but decided to pursue his dream career – that of art and painting. And in a short span of 4 years, he has garnered admirers from Bollywood, the corporate world, socialites etc.

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