40,000 to run in race around the virtual world

Stepathlon is expecting to close participation at 60,000 including Stepathletes from India’s biggest corporate houses and global MNC’s.

July 30, 2013 3:32 IST | India Infoline News Service

Stepathlon - a unique pedometer-based, mass participation corporate initiative that motivates individuals to take 10,000 steps a day - is set to pass the 40,000 participation mark. With only 6 weeks left for the “race around a virtual world” to begin, Stepathlon is expecting to close participation at 60,000 including Stepathletes from India’s biggest corporate houses and global MNC’s.

On Stepathlon gaining positive momentum, Ravi Krishnan, Co-founder & CEO, Stepathlon Lifestyle Pvt Ltd said, “The Stepathlon tagline reads – ‘Move the Nation. Lead the World’ - an objective that we are well on our way to achieving with India at the forefront of this initiative.  Our philosophy is “anyone, anywhere, anytime” and we continue to welcome employees from all companies and all locations.

This year we have strong participation from 2012 participating companies and a deluge of interest from those that missed out last year. We are also witnessing considerable participation from the aspirational non metro cities as they seek to join a national and global community. We expect Stepathlon 2013 to close at 60,000 participants - tripling the count from last year including at least 10,000 participants from Australian companies and over 50 other countries.”

Promoting a culture of health and wellbeing, Stepathlon aims to break the cycle of sedentary behavior, turning the sedentary to active and the active to more active, thereby increasing overall wellness and productivity. Stepathlon is for the 'Everyday Athlete' regardless of age, gender, designation, location, fitness level or physical ability.

Stepathlon in its pioneering year generated many positive outcomes for participants and their organizations including weight loss, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress etc. Participating company leaders received kudos from their staff for investing in their health and well-being rewarding their recognition of the importance of investing in their most valuable asset, their human capital.

Stepathlon has also been successful in providing a unique engagement platform; creating a ‘one company’ feeling, bringing geographically and otherwise diverse companies together and improving company morale and productivity.

The Stepathlon 2012 survey also revealed many interesting outcomes:

58% of participants reported improvement in their quality of sleep

50% of Stepathletes increased their frequency of exercise

77% of Stepathletes lost weight (Average weight lost was 4.03 kilograms)

90% of Stepathletes are taking more responsibility for their health & wellbeing

17% of Stepathletes who smoked prior to Stepathlon quit smoking

61% Stepathletes saw higher energy levels

46% of Stepathletes took less sick days(reduced absenteeism)

45% of Stepathletes experienced lower levels of stress

60% of Stepathletes reported increased engagement at their workplace

58% of Stepathletes reported greater teamwork within their company

78% Stepathletes reported there has been an increase in team communication

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