Cochin Shipyard Ltd. Q4 results; net profit increased by ~44% yoy

Cochin Shipyard Ltd. announced its Q4FY20 results with a consolidated net profit of ~Rs138cr

Jun 20, 2020 07:06 IST India Infoline News Service

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Cochin Shipyard Limited announced its quarterly results on June 20, 2020. Net sales in Q4FY20 stood at Rs816.68cr, which increased by 3.58% yoy from Rs788.43cr in Q4FY19.

EBITDA stood at Rs162.36cr in Q4FY20 that increased by 48.23% yoy. For Q4FY19, it posted EBITDA of Rs109.53cr. EBITDA margin as of Q4FY20 was at 19.88% that increased by 5.99% compared to the same quarter, the previous year.

The consolidated net profit in Q4FY20 came in at Rs137.52cr that increased by 43.61%, as compared to Q4FY19 when it reported Rs95.76cr.

The net profit margin in Q4FY20 came in at 16.84% that increased 4.69% yoy. The net profit margin for Q4FY19 was at 12.15%.

Particulars Q4FY20
(Rs in cr)
(Rs in cr)
Net Sales 816.69 788.44 3.58
Operating Profit 162.36 109.53 48.23
Net Profit 137.53 95.77 43.61
EBITDAM% 19.88 13.89 5.99%
PATM% 16.84 12.15 4.69%

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