Cooperative federalism is the way forward: PM

PM said the mandate of stability is not an ordinary decision by the nation and the people.

June 12, 2014 8:51 IST | India Infoline News Service

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, said cooperative federalism is the way forward to ensure development of the nation. Replying to the debate on the motion of thanks on the President`s address to Parliament in Rajya Sabha, he said the mandate of stability is not an ordinary decision by the nation and the people.

Shri Modi thanked all the members who had given positive suggestions, and said that there were doubts because of the atmosphere of gloom which had prevailed for many years. But this gloom will soon lift, he assured the members.

The Prime Minister said we must lift ourselves up from sectarian and regional divides, and think of national goals "Ek Bharat, Shreshta Bharat." We need to rise above political considerations, the Prime Minister said. Forgetting the bitterness of victory and defeat, we should think in terms of "Rashtra-hit, Rashtra-niti", the Prime Minister said.

Outlining a four-pronged approach to development, he said it should be "Sarva-priya, sarva-samaavek, sarva-hitkari, and samaaveshi." It should not be confined to one section.

Noting that every state has its strengths and share of problems, he said special focus must be given to the developmental needs of various regions including the Himalayan range, the desert, North-East, coastal states, weaker states etc. Coastal states could become the gateway to India`s prosperity. The west coast and western states are developing, but the east is underdeveloped. Do we want a Mother India whose one hand is weak and the other strong, the Prime Minister asked? College tours to the North-East will encourage ecotourism, he illustrated. Tailor-made solutions, he said, would not work.

Stating that the first goal of democracy is accountability to people, he said the need of the hour is stress on security and national interest. Strong states make a strong nation, the Prime Minister asserted.

The recent incidents of rape should not be politicized, the Prime Minister said. Maoist infested states should also be consulted on development, he added.

On the issue of corruption, he said that the state must be policy-driven and non-discriminatory. The Prime Minister said there should be minimum grey areas in policy, and maximum use of technology.

He said FIRs against MPs should be decided within a period of one year with the help of the Supreme Court, so that the guilty can be convicted and the innocent absolved and the stain is removed from august Houses of Parliament. Indicating his Government`s resolve in this regard, he said an SIT on black money, which had been pending for two years, had already been formed.

Stating that while all previous Governments have contributed to development, the Prime Minister said that there was need to increase pace of development. "Swarajya mila, lekin surajya nahin de paaye," he said. Shri Modi said bad governance in a country is even worse than diabetes in the human body, which destroys the entire system. Last-mile delivery is the biggest problem.

The faith of the citizens of the country in various sectors has been eroded, and it has to be re-established, Shri Modi said.

Concluding his reply, the Prime Minister said, that the nation is bigger than any political party, and said he would seek the cooperation of all parties in the national interest.

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