Dena Bank opens 2nd E-Lobby 24X7 banking facility in Mumbai

Dena Bank’s first self-service E-Lobby was opened at the Kandivali West branch in suburban Mumbai in November 2013

January 15, 2014 3:55 IST | India Infoline News Service
Dena Bank moves beyond ATMs to the technologically advanced self-service 24X7 banking. The Bank today said that its second self-service E-Lobby was inaugurated at the Bhayander branch in suburban Mumbai by Trishna Guha, Executive Director.
Dena Bank’s first self-service E-Lobby was opened at the Kandivali West branch in suburban Mumbai in November 2013.

The introduction of self service E-Lobby empowers all customers to do their banking transactions as per their convenience without any time restriction. It also saves their time as they need not stand in queue to get their work completed and also offers additional several banking service facilities that ATMs don’t offer! Customers can also use it during bank holidays. It is ideal for small businessmen, traders and shopkeepers who can deposit cash anytime.

Dena Bank customers can access the following facilities on 24 X7 basis in the self service

1. Cash Withdrawal through ATM.
Cash Deposit through Kiosk: where the amount deposited is immediately credited to the account of the customer maintained in any branch of the Bank. The customer is provided with printed receipt and the there is no need to fill in pay in slip or stand in queue.  All this means less work for customer and it is also a green initiative by the Bank;
Another green initiative is Cheque  Deposit through kiosk. Customer gets a scanned image of the cheque as acknowledgement;
Automatic Pass Book Printing through kiosk: Customer has to simply insert the pass book in the machine. The machine will read the account number, turn the correct page and print the entries. It provides comfort for customers.
. Internet Banking through Kiosk: Customers need not visit internet browsing centres to access their accounts  through internet banking They can do this through the kiosk deployed in the E-Lobby. Unlike browsing centres,  this is safe and free.
The self-service E-Lobby helps traders and shopkeepers to deposit cash at any given time of the day and night and get proper receipts. E-Lobby Banking is defined as the automated delivery of new and traditional banking products and services without the intervention of the bank staff and through the interactive communication channels.

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