How to save money while decorating your home

Learn to assemble your furniture on your own. Get unassembled furniture and save money that you would spend on labour to get it together.

May 09, 2014 9:03 IST | India Infoline News Service
Purchase second hand or unfinished furniture. Look around in thrift stores, antique accessory and furniture shops, garage sales and estate sales, auctions for the best deals. You will although receive items are used, but the fact remains is that most of these antique furniture is more sturdy than newer ones. You can always repair the surface flaws or cover them up with paint, the construction should be sturdy. Applying a few coats of paint is an easy job which you can do at home too, by following any DIY video.

Shop during sales and holiday season. All holiday season observe the greatest joy for shoppers because it’s the sale season. There is a discount battle between major stores and here’s where you need to dig for home fabrics, accessories, and furniture. If you have a favourite store that you prefer, then ask the manager when are they planning to restock, when is the sale due, etc.

Learn to assemble your furniture on your own. Get unassembled furniture and save money that you would spend on labour to get it together. Also, there could be many times that cheap buys would come unassembled, hence you would need this skill handy.

Online shopping is the new way to shop because they offer you hefty discounts if you purchase in bulk. New sales come up everyday on almost every other website. Some even notify members and newsletter subscribers in advance about the sale. Stay up-to-date with these websites and act fast to make your purchases.

You can even find coupons on coupon websites and use them on e-commerce portals. You can even find coupons’ success rates rated by other users, so you know if it will work before you use it.

If you’ve scored many points on your credit and debit card then it’s time you start using it and putting it to good use. Save up on cash by buying from your bank’s associated retailers.

There are plenty of stores which offer some great stuff and are cheaper too. You might find similar things in a bigger store or shop but they will charge you a lot since they want you to pay for the brand name. Skip such trendy chains and rather opt for a small, privately owned store. The name may not be famous, but the quality and style of the products is just as good.

Prefer buying an old model. Stores which have appliances always are on the look out of clearing their old inventory to make way for new and upgraded models that come up every now and then. Even though you miss out on certain features, but many times you will find that the old model is more than sufficient for you. Unless of course it isn’t a high star rating one and consumes more electricity than the new model.

Go for the scratch-and-dent deal. Many stores are willing to sell appliances or accessories with minor surface damage for unbelievably low prices. So if you can overlook a few nicks or can cover it up yourself at a cheaper cost, this could be a great deal for you.

Don’t fall for visually attractive things and stick to your necessities. Be true with yourself when you are spending money on home decor. Question yourself on what you actually need or is it just a want. Do you need all those new upgrades with electronic sensors? Do you need those exquisite and expensive drapes for your curtain? Once you answer them correctly and truly, you will find yourself saving a lot more money while shopping for your home decor.

The author is an interior decorator who runs a design firm and helps her clients make the best decor decisions in innovative ways. She writes about home décor on her personal blog and also lectures at many design universities.

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