Awaken the leader in You: Interaction with Mitesh Khatri

“You should give exceptional service to your clients, always prioritize service over profits and constantly keep training your team to practice this principle.”

June 11, 2014 3:45 IST | India Infoline News Service

Mitesh Khatri is one of the most trusted Leadership Trainer, Firewalk Expert, Motivational Speaker & Transformation Coach. With over a decade’s experience he has trained more than 80,000 executives in more than 100 organizations worldwide.

Indu Khatri, the Co-founder of Guiding Light Consultants (GLC) has a rich experience of over 15 years in the IT Industry. She is the principle content designer for all the corporate training programs and coaching sessions of GLC and a co-facilitator of High Impact Programs like Firewalk.

Mitesh & Indu are partners in life and business, which gives them a great advantage in creating extraordinary results in their training programs.

Awaken the leader in You by Mitesh & Indu Khatri is a business related self-help book based on leadership skills for everyone. In this book the authors discuss the traits and skills required to be a successful leader. It offers a completely new perspective on leadership ,and breaks the myth that leaders are only people at the top management level. Both Mitesh & Indu Khatri have been successfully conducting leadership workshops which has had an impact on many organisations and produced great results. They have used tools and techniques which are simple to understand and implement. This book covers different approaches to leadership in the 21st century, exercises and techniques to make sure you can get something out of every chapter and multiple aspects of leadership which have been validated by some of the best leaders of our country.

Replying to Anil Mascarenhas, Mitesh Khatri says, “You should give exceptional service to your clients, always prioritize service over profits and constantly keep training your team to practice this principle.”

Tell us about your initial years. Did you have an ambition to author books?

Yes I had the ambition of writing books for many years, precisely since I was 18.

You would have read about many leaders in the course of writing your book. Who are the ones that have had a lasting experience in your eyes?

The book which inspired me to be an Author & Leadership Trainer was “Awaken The Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins and thus by book is names “Awaken The Leader In You” There were many others which I was inspired by, amongst which were books like Silva Mind Control by Silva, Success Principles by Jack Canfield & Good to Great by Jim Collins

Have you noticed marked changes in the traits and skills of leaders of the present generation?

Yes there is a marked change in leaders of present generation because the Ambitions & Responsibilities of the current generation is higher than ever before.

Your book attempts to state that leaders need not be people only at the top level. Tell us more about this.

A few decades ago Leadership was a title only for people at the top position of an organization or people with power. Those days lower level employees were not expected to show too much ownership & proactive behaviour but just follow orders. On the contrary today employees at every level are expected to take higher levels of ownership, be proactive, demonstrate excellence in their work, show team-work, think out of the box, etc. In short all that was once expected from people with higher position and power is now expected from every employee of an organization. Thus today the definition of leadership is meant for people at every level.

Entrepreneur mindset and employee mindset is covered in your book. There is a category called intrapreneurs- those who run the companies and are synonomous like a Keki Mistry of HDFC etc. Your views

An Intrapreneur is a title for an employee within an organization who is expected to run a vertical or a project like an entrepreneur would. The intrapreneur has been given the power and resources to run his project or vertical as if it was his own business. In my book I am inspiring people to assume this responsibility irrespective of what title or position they have. Just imagine how a person would work when he carry’s the attitude that he does not work for an organization but owns it! Just imagine the level of ownership one can demonstrate with this mindset and now imagine if every employee of an organization is practicing the entrepreneur mindset!

How long did you work on this book.

It took me about 5 years to complete the book as I needed to do a lot of research for realistic case studies which I have included in every chapter.

Tell us about your leadership sessions that you conduct. Some anecdotes you could share?

The USP of our Leadership Workshops is that it offer transformation rather than change. Change is temporary where-as transformation is permanent. Most workshops have a motivational impact which fizzles down after a few days but in our workshop we transform people’s behaviour through post workshop Coaching, Daily Disciplines & Follow-up sessions. Every leadership workshop we conduct is customized to the client’s needs and objectives and thus we are able to deliver accurate and exceptions results which we guarantee. Yes! we are one of the only organizations who take 100% guarantee for the results of our workshop or else we do not charge a penny to our client. As we don’t believe in charging for time or service, we believe in charging for results. Some quotes famous from our leadership workshop which we personally believe in and practice are:

  • Ordinary people blame & complain while Extraordinary Leaders take responsibility to change their results.

  • Ordinary people have Employee Mindset, Leaders have Entrepreneur Mindset

  • Ordinary people always achieve less things in more time where-as Extraordinary Leaders always achieve more things in less time.

  • Its difficult to compete with Leaders because they are constantly completing against themselves and breaking their own records.

  • Ordinary people run away from Pressure, Leaders learn to manage more pressure willingly.

  • Destiny makes Decisions for the weak ones, the strong ones get to make their own Destiny.

Walking on fire- is it something you use very often in your sessions? How does it help? That is relatively much easier than firefighting at work.

Yes we use Fire-walk very regularly in our sessions, in-fact we have done the largest group for fire-walk in India which was for 2,400 people. When organizations want to achieve extraordinary goals, they need their employees to belief and have confidence that they can achieve what’s never been done before. This is when we are called to do the Firewalk to make their employees belief that they can go beyond their fears and do anything in life, everything is possible. Until now we have helped thousands of people and many organizations to successfully achieve (seemingly) impossible goals.

How do you manage your partnership in life and business with Indu? What are the common threads that bind you? How do you handle the differences?

This is my favourite question because we are very proud of our partnership/relationship. Indu has 15 years of rich experience in IT and was heading a team of 100 people at a very senior position when she left the IT industry to partner with me in the training industry. A lot of people scared us about working together and the complications that it could create in our relationship. But I was 100% sure that we would make as great partners in business as we are in life.

Its been 7 years now and we share a wonderful working partnership and yet maintain the love and romance in our marriage. We are able to do so because we have clearly defined roles and give each other complete freedom in operating in our own areas independently. Indu takes of the business management and I conduct the workshops. She supports me to do what I love the most which is training and I support her to do what she loves the most which is business management.

The common threads that bind us our consciously maintaining a very high level of Respect for each other, giving each other lots of space and being passionately in love with each other.

We handle the differences not by trying to change them but by simply loving and accepting them. In-fact we understand that it is our differences that makes us a great team.

Your advice to budding entrepreneurs and leaders?

Give exceptional service to your clients, always prioritize service over profits and constantly keep training your team to practice this principle.

Who are the people who have been supportive in your journey?

Yes I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who are responsible for my success. My Dad (Kishan Khatri) & my Mom (Kalpana Khatri) always helped me think big and believed that I can anything in my life, without them I would have not been who I am today, thank you Mom & Dad. Thanks to Indu who has been the source of inspiration and unconditional support in our success and most importantly I thank her for such a beautiful married life that I experience with her every single day where love, romance & passion is alive even after 11 years.

Thank you Indu I Love You!

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