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  • Service is the key…customers will fly back!
    by R. Venkataraman June 11, 2010 18:52 IST

    I have seen so many blogs appearing on the poor service by low cost airlines and I thought I will share an experience which is very different.

  • Rain Maker - Weather or Whether?
    by Amar Ambani June 10, 2010 12:23 IST

    For a nation with a monsoon economy accounting for a quarter of the GDP in supporting 60% of the population, monsoon prediction is nothing short of an annual media event. Indian monsoons remain an enigma and with every rise in temperatures will come more variability in the monsoon, leading to precipitation imbalances. Monsoon will eventually bring less rain, over fewer parts of the country, in short but intense bursts. A decrease in groundwater aquifers seems imminent. It’s high time we proactively brain storm and plan for the future…

  • Thailand – food, shopping and massage!
    by R. Venkataraman June 04, 2010 17:48 IST

    Was expecting gun totting guards at Bangkok airport and saw hordes of eager tourists instead! Thailand, against popular perception is actually a great family destination.

  • Telecom travails: Disinvestment delayed is justice denied !
    by R. Venkataraman June 01, 2010 19:21 IST

    In any sector or any business, where policies allow competition, then either it must empower management to act decisively or sell out as fast as possible

  • Foreign Banks in India: Don’t just judge them by volume
    by Amar Ambani May 25, 2010 14:22 IST

    This is an exclusive cover story written for the magazine ‘4Ps Business & Marketing’. The article traces the growth of foreign banks in India and the way forward.

  • Fatwas and bakwas
    by R. Venkataraman May 14, 2010 12:47 IST

    Based on my limited readings on Islam, I found it a very practical religion. “If the mountain does not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain” – is a statement attributed to The Prophet.

  • 11 years later, Knowledge still is the edge
    by R. Venkataraman May 10, 2010 18:32 IST

    It was 6 AM in the morning and people were frantically searching for the home page. Business Standard was carrying an advertisement to announce the launch of www.indiainfoline.com and the landing page had disappeared.

  • Credit cards…. ‘down’ the years!
    by R. Venkataraman May 06, 2010 17:08 IST

    All banks from early 2000 started doling out credit cards, like sales people hand out pamphlets at railway stations. This was so different from the time when yours truly got his first credit card.

  • Exotic Entrapment!
    by R. Venkataraman May 03, 2010 14:23 IST

    Why did so many companies enter into exotic products without understanding? The answer is greed.

  • Mutually Sidelined (Mutual Funds in India)
    by Amar Ambani April 26, 2010 12:52 IST

    In spite of the apparent opportunities in a country of our size and scope, Mutual Funds in India have not delivered anywhere close to potential. Is the industry listening?

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