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  • Covid, Human Behaviour and Investing
    by Abhimanyu Sofat June 03, 2020 12:13 IST

    If you go back to history whether the Spanish flu, the Great Depression, the World Wars, 9/11, etc., all had one thing in common. Humans are emotional and we lose hope due to external stimuli extrapolating our current state to future.

  • “Market Se Jo Nikala Wohi Kamayi”
    by Abhimanyu Sofat July 02, 2018 16:50 IST

    One must remember that historic return is not a guarantee to future success. So, while diversifying investments, margin of safety should be given as much importance as returns.

  • Nifty’s 10K run - What to do now?
    by Abhimanyu Sofat July 28, 2017 17:22 IST

    Nifty took ~9 years to reach 2000 mark in December 2004, after that in merely ~3 years it reached 6000 mark in December 2007. Then, it took another ~6 and a half years to climb the next 1000 points because of 2008 crisis. In next ~3 years it reached 9000 in March 2017 and thereafter in just ~4 months it touched the 10K mark on July 25, 2017. The Nifty 50 has given a return of 9.1x in just 21 years since its launch date, April 22, 1996.

  • How US Fed’s rate hike impacts Indian stock market
    by Abhimanyu Sofat December 16, 2016 10:41 IST

    The Fed rate hike will definitely have ramifications over the global markets especially the emerging markets. The most relevant impact will be seen in the currency exchange rates, bond yields and the stock markets.

  • 6 key economic consequences of strengthening Dollar
    by Abhimanyu Sofat November 30, 2016 16:34 IST

    The recent currency discontinuation to curb black money and the subsequent cash crunch has further fueled the selling pressure as investors are worried that it can slow down the economy. This will have near term impacts on corporate earnings too.

  • 7 Habits of Successful Investors
    by Abhimanyu Sofat November 23, 2016 16:57 IST

    The power of investing to build wealth and achieve long-term goals has been proven time and again. But not everyone takes full advantage.

  • How will the Indian market react if the US interest rates rise?
    by Abhimanyu Sofat November 10, 2016 10:06 IST

    "The emerging markets were the major beneficiaries of low-interest rates since investors invested in emerging markets as the US market was fragile. But now the US economy is showing signs of improvement with unemployment at 4.9%, a positive figure in Fed’s view. Inflation is presently at 1.1%, below the Fed’s 2% target."

  • Impact of scraping of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes on Real Estate and Banking!
    by Abhimanyu Sofat November 09, 2016 16:06 IST

    The whole nation was taken aback by the bold and unprecedented step. November 8, 2016 night was a nightmare for black money hoarders. From 2011 to 2016 total number of bank notes rose by 40% while Rs 500 notes and Rs 1000 notes rose by 76% and 109% respectively.

  • How withdrawal of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes affect your financial wealth
    by Abhimanyu Sofat November 09, 2016 15:45 IST

    The incidence of fake Indian currency notes in higher denomination has increased. The fake notes are used for antinational and illegal activities as high denomination notes have been misused by terrorists and for hoarding black money.

  • Will Indian Stock market rise or fall after the US Election?
    by Abhimanyu Sofat November 08, 2016 12:04 IST

    Broadly investors are expecting Hillary to be the next US President. But if Trump wins the presidential election, the markets will nosedive, like Brexit, all across the globe. The global markets jittered on concerns that FBI would review more emails of Hillary Clinton over the use of private email server resulting in the global markets turning southward.

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