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  • Tax Benefits of HRA
    by Amar Choudhary February 03, 2017 17:35 IST

    HRA Tax Exemptions- Learn how to save income tax on House Rent Allowance if you live in rented house. Know how to claim HRA Tax Exemption and how tax exemption is calculated.

  • What is emergency planning and what are the various tricks to manage it?
    by Amar Choudhary January 20, 2017 13:41 IST

    Build a six month emergency fund. Take stock of your recurring monthly expenses (e.g. rent, utility, groceries, EMIs, children’s tuition, fuel) and set aside at least six months of essential expenses towards any contingency needs.

  • The 7 common mistakes we should avoid while investing
    by Amar Choudhary January 12, 2017 09:37 IST

    Success in investing is as much driven by emotions than logic and people often make mistakes while trying to find a balance that works for them. Here are the seven common mistakes people make that you should look to learn from.

  • 7 Points to remember while choosing the right stocks for long term wealth creation
    by Amar Choudhary December 28, 2016 10:21 IST

    Equities by nature are dynamic and complex, with multiple qualitative and quantitative factors impacting their value. This requires active investors to spend a lot of time deciding on how to choose stocks, and then staying on top of their investment decisions with regular monitoring and adjustments as needed.

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