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  • Stock Market Research: Poking and prying with a purpose!
    by Amar Ambani January 27, 2015 17:25 IST

    As the eminent US author and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston aptly remarked “Research is formalized curiosity. Backed by credible research, stock pickings have better chances of reaping rich rewards in the long run.

  • What the year 2015 has in store
    by Amar Ambani January 02, 2015 14:00 IST

    The year 2015 will continue to be a great year for individual stock pickers, irrespective of whether the index delivers single digit or double digit return...

  • My Market Diary - 20th Dec, 2014
    by Amar Ambani December 20, 2014 16:11 IST

    Did retail investors make the most of the recent correction?...

  • My Market Diary - 23rd Nov, 2014
    by Amar Ambani November 24, 2014 08:10 IST

    The week gone by and what the future holds...

  • Budget must ‘build to last’
    by Amar Ambani July 09, 2014 09:07 IST

    At a time when the economic scenario is being furiously debated, conventional wisdom may incline the decision maker to making a choice like ‘either Growth or Fiscal consolidation’, but notwithstanding the tough task at hand, a truly visionary leadership will need to pursue both growth and fiscal consolidation simultaneously.

  • NGOs & lack of Coal costs India 2.2% of GDP
    by Amar Ambani June 27, 2014 14:48 IST

    Increasing activism from civil society groups and NGOs have had a deleterious impact on India’s GDP. Opposition to mining and power projects and the concomitant impact on down-stream manufacturing has impacted the economy. Coupled with the stalled coal allocation, the impact on GDP is to the extent of 2.2% in our estimate.

  • Value Creation in India: Since how long and not just how much
    by Amar Ambani May 07, 2014 12:02 IST

    Historical comparison reveals that equities are one of the best asset classes for value creation. Although it is often reinforced to investors that past performance is no guarantee of future returns, but the fact is that it usually is. The article showcases select case studies from last 10-15 years to give insights on the type of companies and sectors that have created value, the ones that haven't and the role of the government.

  • Where is the Indian stock market headed?
    by Amar Ambani March 25, 2014 12:07 IST

    The market sentiment is likely to remain upbeat till formation of a new Government in June. The up move will be front-ended and H2 2014 may see consolidation take place.

  • Market finds gear amidst festive cheer
    by Amar Ambani November 01, 2013 14:52 IST

    A litany of fresh hopes has improved market sentiment. There are many macro problems that pose a hurdle to the dream run, but for now, a new high seems round the corner and the liquidity tap is very much on.

  • Budget 2013 will make market scale new highs
    by Amar Ambani October 04, 2013 11:51 IST

    Indian equities have taken a breather since mid January 2013 as market participants ponder over the outcome of the Union Budget. We take it as a foregone conclusion that the Finance Minister

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