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  • Provision without Vision
    by Amar Ambani June 19, 2012 09:24 IST

    “Larger than usual upward revision in inflation!” Such phrases from the Government aggravate concerns over the recurring problem of incorrect calculation of India’s macro economic data. It’s high time the Government sets about correcting the scores of anomalies that creep into these calculations.

  • Union Budget 2012-13: ‘Fiscal consolidation = Subdued growth ?’
    by Amar Ambani March 21, 2012 09:12 IST

    The government has its work cut out… manage coalition while trying to reform and meet fiscal target without hampering growth. Based on our internal workings, 5.5% fiscal deficit is more realistic

  • Money Wise, Mind Bullish
    by Amar Ambani January 24, 2012 10:04 IST

    For long, we have religiously shouldered a big load of misconceptions about money and its perceived management. Academic syllabus is also partly responsible for the widening gap due to its scholastic focus and lack of attention to real world money management. I firmly believe that financial literacy, if taught during formative student years, will become the foundation of a brighter and better financial future. IIFL runs an innovative course titled FIN-LITES in schools across the length and breadth of India, a humble step forward to embrace financial literacy.

  • Real estate funds - A Concrete Promise
    by Amar Ambani December 21, 2011 15:07 IST

    Real estate funds score high on many factors, akin to mutual funds. There is a strong case for investment vis-a-vis direct investment in property or realty stocks. With interest rates at elevated levels, banks going slow on realty lending and a dried up IPO market, there is an opportunity to lend to reputed builders for potential IRRs of 15-17%. Read on…

  • Internet in India: A web of Net Gains
    by Amar Ambani December 01, 2011 11:26 IST

    India’s internet saga is all set to scale peak heights in the coming years, with a growing user base and the impressive proliferation of both connectivity and device technologies.

  • Heavy toll, High bends
    by Amar Ambani November 18, 2011 14:41 IST

    Players with strong balance sheets are likely to break free of the current gloom but the diversion off the dismal still seems distant.

  • Inorganic is the Tonic for Indian Pharma
    by Amar Ambani October 13, 2011 14:02 IST

    Indian Players in the Pharma industry with good hold over the domestic market and the wherewithal to cash in on inorganic growth opportunities are likely to rule the roost in the coming years

  • Tweetinar (IIFL market chat on social media platforms)
    by Amar Ambani August 09, 2011 18:05 IST

    IIFL hosted an hour-long Tweetinar that addressed a volley of queries from Facebook and Twitter - two of the most popular social networking sites. The Tweeitnar was a thundering hit. Here are the excerpts from the online chat..

  • Riding the NCD wave
    by Amar Ambani July 21, 2011 10:49 IST

    NCDs have had notable success in recent history. Corporates are viewing this instrument as the best bet to raise funds and demand from retail and institutional investors is high. While there are inherent risks compared to bank FDs, post tax returns are attractive in many cases. Further, reputed issuers are securing these by a charge on company assets. A word of caution: Always check the credit rating and stay away from low rated paper and issuers with generic or vague fund-raising propositions.

  • Order! Order! ....but where’s it?
    by Amar Ambani July 06, 2011 08:02 IST

    India’s biggest failure and the subsequent loss of face before a global audience has been in the area of judiciary. These are all a result of intermittent inordinate delays, political nuisance, cabinet ping pongs and intermittent verdicts. India is believed to be sitting on a pile of over 3.5 crore pending cases. The ‘will’ is missing but we continue to hear the judicial hammer forcibly demanding order in an environment of disorder.

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