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  • Travel & Tourism: Emerging to Lead
    by Amar Ambani November 09, 2009 14:11 IST

    Despite the adverse impact of the economic downturn, the global tourism industry has shown prominent signs of sustenance over the years. In my opinion, the next decade is all set to usher in a new pattern on the tourism landscape. The developed countries, the primary drivers of growth will pass the baton to the emerging countries.

  • Diwali Dhamaka: Sense over Sensex (14 attractive stock picks)
    by Amar Ambani October 16, 2009 17:46 IST

    It’s been a cracker of a year with the stock market illuminating the lives of the investing community. Fears are being eliminated as if no worries exist (or seem to matter). The market has also seen some amazing display of firepower in terms of liquidity, both from foreign and domestic institutions. The celebrations ought to continue though the action, in our opinion, will move to stocks beyond the main indices, which explains our theme – Sense over Sensex.

    Last Diwali, when the street was plagued with pessimism, we had recommended a portfolio of 15 large cap stocks. Needless to say, the performance of the portfolio has been stupendous. This year, one needs to dig deep as discount sales may be missing in the main index stocks. There are bargains to be hunted in the broader market with several noteworthy stocks to be picked up even at current levels. We bring you 14 such stocks to buy during Muhurat Trading.

  • Bottom Strategy pays
    by Amar Ambani October 07, 2009 17:16 IST

    This is an excerpt from an article written for Money Today magazine on Markets.

  • The Real State of Real Estate !
    by Amar Ambani October 05, 2009 20:53 IST

    This sector update on real estate is an outcome of our painstaking probe and comprehensive interaction with key stakeholders of the residential real estate market which reveal startling facts and figures on the value distribution of this sector across the key metros.

  • Media interview for Smart Portfolios virtual trading game
    by Amar Ambani September 22, 2009 11:37 IST

    This is an interview given to Business Standard following my participation in Smart Portfolios Season II, a virtual stock trading game. In this interview, I share my experience about winning Smart Portfolios Season I, the broader market, sectors and also advice to investors.

  • Where is the Market headed?
    by Amar Ambani September 04, 2009 13:54 IST

    The Market seems to be struggling for direction in the last few days. There are some talking about the road beyond 5000+ on the Nifty, while others seem to think the rally is nearing a dead-end for now (one predicted this scenario in the lift this morning).

  • Premature to write-off the Budget
    by Amar Ambani August 28, 2009 10:30 IST

    This was an interview given Business Standard, I talk about the budget, market and strategy to be adopted.

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