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  • It’s a thrilling 20 for indiainfoline.com!
    by R. Venkataraman May 11, 2019 12:13 IST

    Over the years, IIFL has metamorphosed into a leading financial services firm while continuing to devote millions of pages on the websites to keep investors updated about all that matters in the investment world, R. Venkataraman said.

  • 2019 - The year that can be
    by R. Venkataraman January 01, 2019 14:29 IST

    The good news is everyone believes economy is relatively insulated from government at center – single party/ coalition or whatever the arrangement will be.

  • Stay the Course, Keep the Faith!
    by R. Venkataraman October 05, 2018 09:16 IST

    Market corrections are fairly regular occurrences and signal a healthy market cycle. Here’s how you can protect yourself from volatility by investing systematically with patience and discipline.

  • We surely need good education, and in English!
    by R. Venkataraman September 17, 2018 08:45 IST

    Education may be the most powerful weapon to change the world but the need of the hour or rather the need of the nation is to have it in English. This does not mean local language should be given less importance.

  • Get Fired Up and Be Happy!
    by R. Venkataraman September 05, 2018 16:20 IST

    Most of us once settled in our career aim to retire early and have a life of our own. Reality bites at regular intervals only to make us realize that this ambition is now a shifting goal post.

  • They all fall down
    by R. Venkataraman February 15, 2016 10:19 IST

    At the cost of sounding philosophical, this too shall pass. There will be deaths along the way, and the survivors will make money and again get loans from everyone when the cycle turns, hopefully after another 3-4 years.

  • Crude realities! Up or down, reasons for all seasons
    by R. Venkataraman February 01, 2016 14:53 IST

    It is interesting to note that in the last two years, crude prices have come down but the effective petrol price in the hand of the Indian consumer has not changed. Whatever benefits the Indian consumer would have enjoyed has been taken away by the government in the form of higher excise duties. Effectively, the net disposable income in the hands of the Indian consumer has not changed.

  • Flawless to hopeless! Don't trade reasons, just invest for long season
    by R. Venkataraman January 20, 2016 14:20 IST

    To quote Marks, “One of the most notable behavioural traits among investors is the tendency to overlook negatives or understate the significance for a while and then eventually to capitulate and overreact to them on the downside.”

  • Economic cycles: Yes they are alive and kicking
    by R. Venkataraman December 26, 2015 13:56 IST

    Of course it a matter of pride that according to Bloomberg, IIFL Research was the most accurate among brokers in predicting the Sensex close for the year. And during the year, our economist was the only one out of over 50 who Bloomberg polled to get Rajan’s 50 basis points rate cut bang on target.

  • The Next Decade - Looking Ahead With Confidence
    by R. Venkataraman July 13, 2015 13:26 IST

    While we continue to invest in technology, our focus on award-winning research and unbiased advice remains one of the key differentiators.

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