• Budget must ‘build to last’
    by Amar Ambani July 09, 2014 09:07 IST

    At a time when the economic scenario is being furiously debated, conventional wisdom may incline the decision maker to making a choice like ‘either Growth or Fiscal consolidation’, but notwithstanding the tough task at hand, a truly visionary leadership will need to pursue both growth and fiscal consolidation simultaneously.

  • Budget 2013 will make market scale new highs
    by Amar Ambani February 20, 2013 10:17 IST

    We take it as a foregone conclusion that the Finance Minister will deliver a reform-centric Budget in the wake of the sustained country downgrade scare. In our opinion, the FM cannot even afford a Budget which is termed as a non-event, leave alone a bad one. Here’s what Mr. P Chidambaram is likely to do…

  • Union Budget 2012-13: ‘Fiscal consolidation = Subdued growth ?’
    by Amar Ambani March 21, 2012 09:12 IST

    The government has its work cut out… manage coalition while trying to reform and meet fiscal target without hampering growth. Based on our internal workings, 5.5% fiscal deficit is more realistic

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