• Time to stay safe
    by Amar Ambani August 13, 2013 10:35 IST

    NSE Nifty may drift towards 5,000 levels on falling market multiples and earnings downgrades.

  • Capital markets critical for overall economic growth
    by Nirmal Jain January 21, 2013 10:43 IST

    A growing economy like India, where more than 15 million youth are added to workforce every year, needs huge investment on a continuous basis for new capacity as well as for expansion, renovation and modernization of existing productive capacity and creation of supporting infrastructure.

  • High exposure to fixed income would be more prudent now
    by Nirmal Jain May 28, 2013 17:38 IST

    Valuations are not cheap anymore and the earnings season has been disappointing too.

  • Rupee Rupee …on the fall
    by Amar Ambani July 10, 2012 15:44 IST

    “The whole thing is that ki bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya” - Many are divided on their analysis of the Rupee’s continuing fall. What we really need to do is to attack the root cause, not merely look to treat the symptoms

  • Provision without Vision
    by Amar Ambani June 19, 2012 09:24 IST

    “Larger than usual upward revision in inflation!” Such phrases from the Government aggravate concerns over the recurring problem of incorrect calculation of India’s macro economic data. It’s high time the Government sets about correcting the scores of anomalies that creep into these calculations.

  • Union Budget 2012-13: ‘Fiscal consolidation = Subdued growth ?’
    by Amar Ambani March 21, 2012 09:12 IST

    The government has its work cut out… manage coalition while trying to reform and meet fiscal target without hampering growth. Based on our internal workings, 5.5% fiscal deficit is more realistic

  • License Raj in financial services
    by Nirmal Jain June 27, 2012 08:18 IST

    Already, we have an acute shortage, with banks not being able to reach out to almost half the population. Perhaps India needs 500 new banks today.

  • The power of Collaboration: Emerged as key driver of business performance
    by Amar Ambani December 13, 2010 12:53 IST

    Right from the time when Devas and Asuras worked together to extract ‘Amrut’, Collaboration has been a way of life. Our personal responsibilities towards a larger vision add measurable value only when they tread on the potent spiral of collaboration.

  • RBI, don't write off brokers
    by Nirmal Jain November 08, 2011 16:31 IST

    Broking is no less qualified than others to be eligible for a banking license, based on merits.

  • Obama’s Indian Safari - Salute the Brand ambassador!
    by Amar Ambani November 11, 2010 10:57 IST

    It’s clear & evident that the huge economic potential of our nation brought the salesman racing ahead of the statesman in Obama. But let’s face it. What’s wrong if a government office embarks on a business development trip? Political will and governance have run hand-in-hand with commerce. Yes, Obama remained guarded on the contentious issue. But, rather than bicker over the issues that the US is uncomfortable about, we should celebrate the success stories and indirectly work towards a better deal.

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