• Crusadors, Conspirators...and a churn for a better tomorrow
    by R. Venkataraman May 06, 2014 11:43 IST

    When I was in school, bureaucracy, or getting a job in the government especially the IAS was the 'Dream Job'.

  • Start with schools, leave IITs alone
    by R. Venkataraman September 14, 2010 10:20 IST

    Assume for a moment that Class 12 marks are used and get a weigh. How will the system handle differences between state boards, ICSE and CBSE and so on? I hope the Minister has also seen the problems of college admissions that happen in Bombay because of multiple boards. How will it solve the problem of curriculum difference as well as marking difference?

  • Financial Literacy Unplugged
    by Amar Ambani December 26, 2012 16:03 IST

    During the course of our field exposure as part of the FLAME initiative, we have come to acknowledge the fact that the process of spreading financial awareness begins with exploding quite a few myths about financial literacy, which are more deep-rooted in the minds of common people than what meets the eye…

  • VISA power - Go vet it!
    by Amar Ambani August 17, 2010 15:12 IST

    Certain sections of the non-immigrant US Visa application have the capability to provide comic relief, only if viewed in lighter vein. If taken on a serious note, they may well be an important requirement by US officials to assist during possible legal proceedings. Yet a question arises whether some of the application questions can be rephrased better.

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