• High exposure to fixed income would be more prudent now
    by Nirmal Jain May 28, 2013 17:38 IST

    Valuations are not cheap anymore and the earnings season has been disappointing too.

  • Riding the NCD wave
    by Amar Ambani July 21, 2011 10:49 IST

    NCDs have had notable success in recent history. Corporates are viewing this instrument as the best bet to raise funds and demand from retail and institutional investors is high. While there are inherent risks compared to bank FDs, post tax returns are attractive in many cases. Further, reputed issuers are securing these by a charge on company assets. A word of caution: Always check the credit rating and stay away from low rated paper and issuers with generic or vague fund-raising propositions.

  • INDIA INFOLINE group's brand identity now is IIFL
    by Nirmal Jain March 16, 2010 17:36 IST

    We live in a world where technology is shortening distances by the day and many things are getting shortened by the way. The finance minister is trying to shorten the fiscal deficit. The exchanges have shortened the time the markets remain closed for trading. When they wanted to shorten the number of holidays, they chose today’s auspicious day of Padwa.

  • Stay disciplined, don’t be swayed by bullish pre-poll market sentiment: Nirmal Jain
    by Nirmal Jain December 30, 2013 17:19 IST

    In the run-up to the elections, the market sentiment will be positive. So investors can increase their allocation to equities while maintaining a balanced portfolio, says Nirmal Jain, Chairman, India Infoline in an interview with Sanket Dhanorkar.

  • Governor’s Master Stroke Defies All Expectations
    by Nirmal Jain December 19, 2013 09:02 IST

    The governor’s inaugural speech changed the sentiment and course of foreign exchange, equity as well as debt markets. This has come at an appropriate time as business confidence was again sinking. I think it is based on the correct assessment of the situation, although it is against the sentiment of the crowd. Max Lucado put it well ‘A man who wants to lead the orchestra, must turn his back on the crowd’.

  • Comfortable on capital for next 12-18 months
    by Nirmal Jain December 04, 2013 15:52 IST

    In an interview with ET Now, Nirmal Jain, Chairman, IIFL, talks about the IIFL Home Bonds and the macroeconomic scenario.

  • Market finds gear amidst festive cheer
    by Amar Ambani November 01, 2013 14:52 IST

    A litany of fresh hopes has improved market sentiment. There are many macro problems that pose a hurdle to the dream run, but for now, a new high seems round the corner and the liquidity tap is very much on.

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