• Polls or not, invest in equities for long term
    by Nirmal Jain May 14, 2014 10:37 IST

    Post actual results of polls on May 16, depending on the outcome, there will be volatility. But soon after, the markets will again focus on macroeconomic fundamentals, which we believe are improving and that is the basis of the rally over the next three-five years.

  • Sensex may touch 30,000 by December-end
    by Nirmal Jain May 12, 2014 11:11 IST

    Entrepreneurs' decision to invest is based on expectations of profit and not on actual profit itself, which is why it is important for the government to revive sentiment, Nirmal Jain says.

  • Where is the Indian stock market headed?
    by Amar Ambani March 25, 2014 12:07 IST

    The market sentiment is likely to remain upbeat till formation of a new Government in June. The up move will be front-ended and H2 2014 may see consolidation take place.

  • Anything but Adarsh!
    by R. Venkataraman November 03, 2010 15:58 IST

    This is neither the first nor the last among the seemingly endless series of scams that seems to be hogging the headlines. Keep in mind there are plenty of scams which have yet to be unearthed. New scams ensure old scams are forgotten. CWG scam now has fallen off the map.

  • Modi-fications in voting dynamics
    by R. Venkataraman October 27, 2010 12:09 IST

    The voting dynamics of the country is slowly but surely set to change. The trend is evident from the recent civil election results in Gujarat where the BJP led by Narendra Modi emerged victorious.

  • Commonwealth games or Corruption games?
    by R. Venkataraman August 04, 2010 09:28 IST

    What a sorry state of affairs for an event touted to be the biggest sporting event in India since the 1982 Asian games. Besides the infrastructure woes, the recent report of the CVC has put the entire organizing committee of the Commonwealth Games (CWG OC) in bad light.

  • Mantri Appraisals
    by R. Venkataraman August 24, 2010 12:44 IST

    So our netas’ salaries rose from Rs16,000 a month to Rs50,000 a month. Anyone in the corporate world would have jumped with joy but our ministers jumped into the well of the House and demanded even more.

  • Why blame Mamata alone?
    by R. Venkataraman July 30, 2010 15:46 IST

    Let me clarify, I am no big fan of Ms. Mamata Banerjee but I strongly believe it is time for us to stand up and find out who to blame.

  • Didi - please don’t show ‘Mamta’ here
    by R. Venkataraman May 07, 2013 11:04 IST

    The solution is not returning monies but to regulate smarter. We need a unified regulator and not so many regulators and jurisdictions like state laws which govern the chit funds.

  • In Defense of Potholes
    by R. Venkataraman August 10, 2011 08:51 IST

    Potholes follow the Indian Constitution in spirit, especially right to equality. Potholes also bridge the great divide between motorists and pedestrians. Why should a person sitting in the car always reach faster than the person walking on the street?

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