• NGOs & lack of Coal costs India 2.2% of GDP
    by Amar Ambani June 27, 2014 14:48 IST

    Increasing activism from civil society groups and NGOs have had a deleterious impact on India’s GDP. Opposition to mining and power projects and the concomitant impact on down-stream manufacturing has impacted the economy. Coupled with the stalled coal allocation, the impact on GDP is to the extent of 2.2% in our estimate.

  • The Powerful and the Powerless
    by R. Venkataraman April 26, 2012 15:03 IST

    Mr. Narendra Modi received a thunderous applause from the audience when he said, that in other states when power comes it makes news while in Gujarat, if, at all it goes, it’s news.

  • Power - Rolling Blackout
    by Amar Ambani April 07, 2011 18:48 IST

    The Indian State Electricity Boards (SEBs) are shedding loads of financial power that only timely bailouts can hope to restore. Many factors have contributed to the erosion of net worth. Read on…

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