• Telecom travails: Disinvestment delayed is justice denied !
    by R. Venkataraman June 01, 2010 19:21 IST

    In any sector or any business, where policies allow competition, then either it must empower management to act decisively or sell out as fast as possible

  • Telecom update: Calling for consolidation
    by Amar Ambani December 04, 2009 13:18 IST

    The Telecom sector is in the midst of an intense pricing war. What does this cut-throat competition mean to the market? Is this the end of the high growth days for the telecom industry? Should you invest given the heavy fall? Read on…

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  • B P C L

    Kochi refinery ran 100%, and all the secondary units have been stabilised. BPCL will start to focus on optimising GRMs, which are ...

    Reduce Reco. Price: 340

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    Shift in loan mix towards high yielding segments like tractor financing and used vehicle financing would aid company’s ...

    Buy Reco. Price: 124