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  • Pune Real Estate: Where is demand heading?
    by Yogesh Mehra October 19, 2016 10:03 IST

    In the current market scenario prevailing in Pune, the resale market works best only in ready-to-move properties in high-value locations and locations which are extremely well-connected to the city as well as its IT hubs and manufacturing belt.

  • Ushering in an era of healthy cities
    by Yogesh Mehra October 14, 2016 12:26 IST

    Various European nations, as well as different cities in the US, are engaged in building health-centric cities, with a healthy life for the people residing in them as a USP.

  • Why homebuyers prefer the resale market
    by Yogesh Mehra October 03, 2016 13:17 IST

    In a furnished resale flat, a few key changes to decor are often enough. Time and capital are both at a premium for professionally active buyers, and they simply cannot waste either on setting up a new household from scratch.

  • Home Maintenance or Leisure Activities? Reinvesting precious time
    by Yogesh Mehra September 19, 2016 09:30 IST

    This new concept in time-efficient has been adapted from the much more expensive category of luxury housing projects with round-the-clock facilities management teams and concierge services.

  • Bringing lifestyle back to today's homes
    by Yogesh Mehra August 24, 2016 08:52 IST

    The homes that a working professional couple can afford are, more often than not, bereft of any conveniences other than four walls and the barest basics. As developers scavenge every square inch into affordable living spaces, various features that were considered de rigueur just a decade ago, are becoming extinct.

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