What is Buy now Pay Later (BNPL)?

BNPL (Also known as Margin Trading Facility) is a facility through which you can buy upto 5x stocks with the same amount of capital.

You only have to pay a part of the total investment amount, and the remaining amount will be invested by IIFL Securities on your behalf. As you are able to buy more quantity of stocks with the same amount, gains are also amplified!

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Let's understand this with a simple example.
Scenario 1
Normal Trade

You bought stocks worth ₹1 Lakh & sold them at ₹1.1 Lakh after 2 months.
Net Profit = ₹10,000 or 10%.
Scenario 2
Buy Now Pay
Later Trade

With ₹1 Lakh investment, you would have bought stocks worth ₹5 Lakhs & sold those stocks at ₹5.5 Lakhs after 2 months.

Stock appreciation on ₹5 Lakhs = +₹50,000
Interest charged at 0.049%* per day = -₹12,000

Net Profit = ₹38,000 or 38%.
*Interest rate charged as per agreement with IIFL Securities

In short, with Buy Now Pay Later, your 10% returns have been converted to 38% returns!

Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later

Allows you to take upto 5x leverage in delivery market, increasing your return on investment.


Allows you to buy multiple stocks with same funds, helping in effective risk management.


Allows you to take larger positions despite low funds in your account.


Gives dividend/bonus pay-out on entire Buy Now Pay Later positions.

How to place a Buy Now Pay Later Order?

Select product as "BNPL" or "Buy Now Pay Later" while placing an order.

Complete 3 step OTP
confirmation on
CDSL/NSDL website.

Watch Video

Ensure confirmation is
completed till 2 trading days
from the date of purchase, or else shares will be auto squared-off.

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