Why invest in IIFL BA 2X3 Smallcase

This portfolio consists of stocks that are prime players and will rebound strongly as the economy gradually recovers from Covid 19.

IIFL BA 2X3 smallcase consists of an IT company that is posting one of the best growth rates in the industry on account of client mining and its competencies, and its GTM strategy is witnessing stability in one of the key verticals.

This smallcase has a ply board manufacturer with diversified portfolio considerably which is driving its growth.

IIFL BA 2X3 smallcase consists of a cement company that has new capacities coming on stream, and higher utilization would help outperform the other players in this industry.

This smallcase includes a realty company with comfortable cash reserves and low net debt-equity ratio, witnessing strong booking/collections and has a healthy launch pipeline.

IIFL BA 2X3 smallcase has an HFC that is witnessing pre–Covid level collections and is recovering faster than its peers when it comes to disbursements.

This smallcase includes a leading hotel chain that is turning to an asset-light strategy and has the brand strength to capitalize on improving occupancy rates.

IIFL BA 2X3 smallcase consists of a major CV & PF tyre manufacturer that has completed the capex phase and has the cushion of positive free cash flow as the demand for replacements normalizes.

We believe that these companies have the necessary characteristics that can aid in their recovery and yield multifold returns over the next three years.

Returns over various periods

3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y
smallcase 7.33% 50.38% 13.70% 28.84% 40.05%
Nifty Midcap 9.26% 38.02% 9.08% 9.00% 0.35%

Calculated as of closing price on November 06, 2020

Market Cap Distribution

  • Large Cap 20.00%
  • Mid Cap 60.00%
  • Small Cap 20.00%


Ratio smallcase Equity Midcap
PE Ratio 56.66 27.20
PB Ratio 2.34 2.42
Sharpe Ratio 1.04 1.12
Dividend Yield (%) 0.70 1.40