Why invest in IIFL New Year Picks 2021 Smallcase

The Indian economy has fared relatively better than expected in 2020. The efforts taken by the GoI and RBI aren’t glorified enough and have played a significant role in rural revival.

The Global Central Banks and Governments are likely to maintain their stance and unleash new rounds of stimulus if needed.

India is one of the brighter spots in the emerging market space where these funds are expected to be mobilized. Although the valuations are expensive and are factoring most positives, uptick in commodity prices pose a risk to inflation.

However, the impact on our recommended portfolio is not expected to be significant. We are presenting opportunities that either:
1. Have resilient business models which stood the test
2. Are expected consolidation plays
3. Are expected beneficiaries of sectoral upcycle or
4. Are available at compelling valuation with attractive dividend yield

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Returns over various periods

3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y
smallcase 14.87% 42.69% 41.56% 72.86% 88.60%
NIFTY 100 23.19% 31.96% 13.21% 25.89% 27.32%

Values calculated as of Dec 28, 2020

Market Cap Distribution

  • Large Cap 54.00%
  • Mid Cap 34.00%
  • Small Cap 12.00%


PE Ratio 22.90 28.81
PB Ratio 2.37 3.77
Sharpe Ratio 1.28 1.10
Dividend Yield (%) 1.35 1.41