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About the Programme

Turn the power of your followers into attractive rewards with IIFL Securities CLIP- Content Led Influencer Program! IIFL Securities CLIP is an influencer marketing program that is tailor-made for social media influencers and content creators to amplify their voice to the masses and generate awareness about IIFL Securities.

If creating content is your passion and you have the knack for influencing people with your words, IIFL Securities CLIP is the right platform for you. Through your engaging videos, you can teach your viewers the functionalities of the stock market, how to open an account seamlessly with IIFL Securities, ease of trading, how to make money by investing correctly in the stock market and much more!

With your Influence, you can truly help your viewers make the most of trading opportunities in the stock market. Think you have got it in you to be an IIFL Securities CLIP Superstar?


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  • You must be active on your channels
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  • You must open free Demat Account with IIFL Securities.

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Our Success Stories


Anil Rajpurohit

YouTube- 30K Subscribers


VR Facts

YouTube- 561K Subscribers


Smart Trader

Instagram- 53K Followers


What is IIFL Securities CLIP?

IIFL Securities CLIP i.e Content Led Influencer Program is a digital partnership program introduced by IIFL Securities to accelerate your growth by unlocking unique opportunities through your followers.

With IIFL Securities, sky is the limit. The more you refer more exponential is your growth; increasing referrals will increase your monthly earnings.

By becoming a CLIP member, you get access to best in class CLIP Portal for tracking your earnings . Our CLIP Portal is built with full transparency to monitor your revenue share on a daily basis.

It's as easy as sharing a Whatsapp message! You just have to share a reference through our CLIP Portal and enjoy monthly share of revenue from the client acquired through your reference.

After registration, submit your bank account details on our CLIP Portal and start referring friends. IIFL Securities will credit the revenue share from your reference in your bank account on the 7th of next month.

IIFL Securities is a one stop shop for all financial needs of your reference, they grow their wealth through our award winning products and services.

Any reference with minimum age of 18 with valid PAN Card can become our client. Your reference should not be an existing client of IIFL Securities or have been registered as lead with IIFL Securities for opening an account in last 3 months

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