Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital Ltd Management Discussions.


India is one of the fastest growing health care markets in the World. Life expectancy at birth has risen more than two folds. While the Government has taken significant steps to improve access to quality care, the Health sector has seen the emergence of private players due to the growing health care needs of the people. The inflow of domestic and foreign investments over the last few years has seen the emergence of innovative delivery models helping improve access to healthcare almost at all places of the country.

Population growth and higher awareness of illness will improve the performance of the health sector.

Growing cost of qualified medical professionals, para-medical personnel and high cost of infrastructure are the challenges in the Indian Healthcare Industry.


The country still faces a shortage of hospitals, specialists and experienced doctors, who are further supported by a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated support staff and cutting edge technology. Indian competitive advantage lies in its large pool of well -trained medical professionals and also its lower cost for health care delivery when compared to its counter parts in Asia and

Western Countries. The health industry has tremendous growth potential in India.


The hospital has an infrastructure comprising of around 105 Beds including ICU Beds, Operating

Theatre, a modern dialysis Unit besides a host of other facilities. Your Company has a pool of talented and experienced doctors who are further supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced and dedicated support staff and cutting edge technology.


Heavy competition from the Healthcare providers spreading their wings in the area in which your hospital situate is a potential risk to the company. Government is playing an active role in healthcare field by introducing various schemes for the people who live below poverty line is a concern for the industry. Getting further investment to meet the modern technology is another concern for the industry.


Adequate internal control systems combined with delegation of powers to safeguard funds to ensure accurate financial reporting are followed by your Company. The Company has a dedicated independent team of Internal Auditors who review the entire operations of the Company and submit their findings to the Audit Committee with suggestions for improvements on a quarterly basis. The

Audit Committee takes note of the same and guides the management in the implementation of suggestions. The suggestions of the internal auditors are reviewed in Audit Committee and suitable action taken as when required.


There is also significant scope for enhancing health care services across the Country. Increasing demand for healthcare services will provide opportunities for the industry. However large-scale investments by foreign investors in the healthcare industry is a threat to the local health care providers.


Your Company has cordial relationship with its employees. The number of employees as on 31st

March, 2018 was 65 (previous year - 249).


During the year under review, the number of inpatients was 4009 during the year under review as against 3418 in the previous year. The number of outpatients was 28563 during the year under review against 25415 in the previous year. The average occupancy was 64.12%

Your management believes that the strengthening of existing facilities and addition of new facilities and services with restructuring of tariff keeping always the affordability factor in mind are expected to improve the performance.

The Patient Care services underwent improvements which resulted in improved service levels which in turn contributed to the revenue growth.


Year Inpatients Outpatients Total
2016-17 3418 25415 28833
2017-18 4009 28563 32572


Statements in this management discussion and analysis describing the companys objections, projections, estimates and expectations may be "forward looking statement" within the meaning of applicable laws and regulations. Actual results may differ substantially or materially from those expressed or implied. Important developments that could affect the companys operations include

Government regulations, tax laws and significant changes in the political and economic environment in India.