Hindustan Appliances Ltd Management Discussions.

The Management of Hindustan Appliances Limited presents the analysis of performance of your Company for the year ended 2019-20 and its outlook for the future. This outlook is based on assessment of the current business environment and the expectations, estimates and projections of the Directors and Management of the Company. It may vary due to future economic and political development, both in the Indian and international economies and due to other factors beyond control.


The world has changed dramatically in the last few months. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown that the world has seen, has put pressure on all economies. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), while there is huge uncertainty about 2020 growth prospects, and even more so about the 2021 outlook, the impact of COVID-19 on the world will—across the board—be severe and unprecedented.

(I) Industry Structure and Developments :

There is fierce competition in the business of Leasing and Finance activity and Service activity which is normal for any business.

(II) Threats :

The Company perceives normal business threats of competition from new entrants.

(III) Segment-wise or Product-wise Performance :

The performance of the company in Leasing and Finance activity activity is stable.

(IV) Outlook :

The outlook of the Company is positive.

(V) Risks and Concerns:

The Company perceives normal business risks and concerns.

(VI) Internal Control systems and their adequacy:

The Company has adequate internal control systems.

(VII) Discussion on financial performance:

The Company has earned Gross total income of Rs. 54.22 Lakhs for the year under report as against Rs. 46.87 Lakhs in the previous year.

(VIII) Material developments in human resources / Industrial Relations front, and number of people employed:

There are no material developments in human resources front. No. of employees: 4