Madhusudan Industries Ltd Management Discussions.

a) Industry Structure and Developments

Due to extreme weather conditions and poor quantity of water supply at our site, carrying out horticulture operations have become unviable and hence the said activity has been discontinued. Presently the Company has existing infrastructure facility and also land available for undertaking any kind of activities in future.

b) Opportunities and Threats

The Management is considering undertaking of viable business activities in the existing infrastructure facility and land available with the Company. There is no specific threat identified which may affect the existence of the Company.

c) Outlook

The Future outlook of the Company depends upon the business activities to be undertaken by the Company. The Company is looking for various options for undertaking suitable business activities commensurate with its existing facilities and infrastructure.

d) Risks and Concerns

At present the Company is exposed to the common risks such as any uncertainties / drastic changes in government policies,delay in economic reforms, emergence of inflationary conditions, any unexpected changes in regulatory framework etc.

e) Internal Control Systems and their adequacy

The company has computerized its accounting system since many years. Adequate Internal control system exists in the Company and the internal control system of the company is commensurate with the size and complexity of the companys business. The operations are subject to periodic internal audit by independent Auditors.

f) Financial performance with respect to operational performance is discussed in the main part of the Report.

g) Material Developments in Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Environment, Health & Safety

The company values and nurtures its human resources and company would continue to adopt and implement the best HRD practices in future. Manpower strength of the company as on March 31,2016 stands at 7.