Nihar Info Global Ltd Management Discussions.

The Company operates in the areas like eCommerce, Software Development, B2B / Bulk Sales, Corporate Sales and Offline eCenters.


eCommerce is one of the most popular streams in the present scenario with enormous opportunities. Your Company being the first listed eCommerce Company in India has grabbed a lot of attention and interest from the prospective Investors and also we are one of the very few listed eCommerce Companies in India. In the wake of the current Pandemic caused by Covid 19, the market has seen a lot of disruption and eCommerce has been one of the Sectors that has got a great attention. It has also been noticed that the number of internet users in India increased by more than 40 million in the year 2020-21. This is a great booster for the Online eCommerce as this will result in more Online Sales in the coming months. There is a lot to happen in the eCommerce Space and the year 2021 will hold more surprises.

Threats, Risks and Concerns

The Covid19 has caused a lot of challenges in terms of Logistics and Delivery in various states and also the pandemic has caused a lot of challenges in terms of manpower. Also as most of the States in India have imposed a complete lockdown has resulted in more unexpected challenges.

Competitive Pressures

With the increase in the new Internet users the eCommerce space is again getting disrupted in various ways as the consumers are moving away from Amazon and Flipkart and have started shopping through the Social Media and with this the Social eCommerce is a new Disruption happening now. Although all the eCommerce companies are now forced to connect there platforms to Social Media and provide a lot of engagement through Social Media. Also with the entry of New eCommerce players big and small, the Ecommerce Market still continues to be Competitive and ready for disruption.

Talent Supply Constraint

Talent is sought by eCommerce Companies in key areas IT, Digital Marketing and Operations. The Company has to ensure that it acquires good talent and retains it in order to constitute its major competitive edge. The Company maintains an excellent work environment and competitive package for this purpose.

Technology Obsolescence

These are the days when technology takes no time to become obsolete. Thus, to be at par with its competitors the Company has to ensure that it constantly updates and upgrades its technology.

Government Policies

The Government has rolled out various schemes to provide support for the distress faced by various companies during lockdown. Also the Government has to come with the eCommerce Policy at the earliest as this could bring relief to many online sellers and also bring a lot of Transparency in the eCommerce Ecosystem.

Downturn Industries being served

Any downturn in the industry being served could have an impact on the Companys business.

Companys Outlook

The Company has a positive outlook for the coming years and endeavors to achieve a steady business performance in the coming years. We anticipate higher percentage of gross profits from the new projects that we undertake during the coming years.

Internal Control System

The Company has a professional and an adequate internal control system and procedure commensurate with the size of organization and nature of business. This provides adequate safeguards and effective monitoring of the transactions. All areas of Companys operations are covered by such internal control systems.

Financial Performance

The information under this head is given in the Directors Report.

Human Resources

The management continues to lay emphasis on identifying and developing talent of human resources with a view to retain them and impart further training to those capable of handling additional responsibilities. This works to increase employee satisfaction and within the organization, by providing employees with fresh challenges, developing people and harnessing their ideas is the high priority for the company.

Cautionary Statement

Statement in this management discussion and analysis report describing the companys objectives, predictions, estimates and expectations may constitute "forward looking statement" according to the applicable laws and regulations. Actual results may differ materially from those either expressed or implied.