One Global Service Provider Ltd Management Discussions.

Forward - Looking Statements:

This Report contains forward - Looking Statements. Any statement that addresses expectations or predictions about the future, including but not limited to statements about the Companys strategy and growth, product development, market position, expenditures and financial results, are forward looking statements. Forward looking statements are based on certain assumptions and expectations of future growth. The Company cannot guarantee that these assumptions are accurate and will be realized. The Companys actual results, performance or achievements could thus differ materially from those projected in any such forward-looking statements. The Company assumes no responsibility to publicly amend, modify or revise any forward-looking statements, on basis of any subsequent developments, information or events.

Industry Structure and Development:

Healthcare industry is a wide and intensive form of services which are related to wellbeing of human beings. Health care is the social sector and it is provided at State level with the help of Central Government. Health care industry covers hospitals, health insurances, medical software, health equipment and pharmacy in it. The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace due to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well private players.

Opportunities & Threats:

The Company is expecting good opportunities in the upcoming financial year. However, threats are perceived from its existing and prospective competitors in the same field also the changes in the external environmental may also present threats to the industry i.e. Inflationary pressures, slowdown in policy making, Competition from local and multinational players, Execution risk, Regulatory changes, Attraction and retention of human capital are the major setbacks.

Segment /Product wise performance:

Indian healthcare market is expected to rank amongst the top three in terms of incremental growth by 2020. India was the sixth largest market globally in terms of size in 2014. The industry is expected to advance at a CAGR of 22.90 per cent during 20152020. Within the emerging trends of investment and consolidation in healthcare, we see

a strong focus on category leaders, which is essentially companies that are proven leaders in their segments and are better placed to benefit not only from internal efficiencies and external tailwinds, but also withstand macro or external headwinds. Also, this provides a clear path to increasing earnings through not only organic growth, but also future acquisitions in domestic and international markets based on suitable strategies.


The Company is mainly engaged in the business of healthcare and related activities. The Company is planning to expand and diversify the operational activities in the coming years ahead in order to tap higher revenues.

Risk and Concerns:

Risks are integral part of any enterprise. Efficient management of business risks is a key factor that determines growth, profitability and at times, even survival. In the last few years, the healthcare industry in India has been witnessing increased consolidation even among the larger players. Further, Government intervention, by way of an active regulatory regime, be it in terms of price control or capping of margins on medicines has been stepped up. State and Central Healthcare coverage schemes are also impacting industry margins.


Besides all, the world has witnessed a major crises led by the spread through of Pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) emerging from China during the month December 2019 and thereafter spreading through in almost all countries of world. In India, outbreak of Pandemic COVID-19 occurred during the month of January 2020. Thus, the Honble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to break the chain for the spread of the disease of COVID-19 had imposed the Nationwide Lockdown March 2020 and it continued uptil May, 2020.

As a consequence of this outbreak and thereafter lockdown, all economic activities came to standstill and had caused a major setback for all industries due to this unforeseen event. Various guidelines were issued by Government Department of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) during lockdown period for the safeguard of all including employees and working class people to fight against such situations.

However, towards later part of the year consequent to significant opening of the economic activity across the nation, the demand picked up compared to that during the initial period of Covid-19. However, we expect no major changes in the economic activity as the nation is preparing to face the Pandemic with vaccines and preparedness.

However, following are some of the impacts of COVID-19 which company continues to look ahead:-

i. Disruption of supply-chain

ii. Impacts the workforce and production facilities

iii. Material contracts: ‘force majeure clauses may be triggered by a listed company or its counterparty to justify non-performance.

Internal Control Systems and their Adequacy:

The Company has in place adequate internal control systems covering all its operations. Proper accounting records highlight the economy and efficiency of operations, safeguarding of assets against unauthorized use or losses, and the reliability of financial and operational information.

Some of the significant features of internal control system are:

• Financial and Commercial functions have been structured to provide adequate support and control of the business.

• Risk Management policy has been adopted by the Company.

• The Company has an Internal Audit System conducted by the internal auditor of the Company. Standard operating procedures and guidelines are reviewed periodically to ensure adequate control.

Analysis of Financial Conditions and Results of Operations:

The Financial Statements have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Indian Accounting Standards and the Accounting Standards as prescribed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

The Management believes that it has been objective and prudent in making estimates and judgments relating to the Financial Statements and confirms that these Financial Statements are a true and fair representation of the Companys Operations for the period under review.

Development on Human Resource Front:

We believe that we are able to attract and retain highly skilled specialist physicians for clinical excellence, our technology - focused approach, the exposure and experience we provide in relation to clinical best practices and the training programmes we offer for their ongoing development. We believe that the abilities and expertise of our team of specialist physicians differentiate us relative to our competitors.

By creating a conducive environment for career growth, company is trying to achieve the maximum utilization of employees skills in the most possible way.

There is need and the company is focused on retaining and bringing in talent keeping in mind the ambitious plans despite the market and industry scenario. The company also believes in recognizing and rewarding employees to boost their morale and enable to achieve their maximum potential. The need to have a change in the management style of the company is one of the key focus areas this year.

Industrial Relations:

Industrial Relations throughout the year continued to remain very cordial and satisfactory.

Key financial ratios:

Particulars of Ratio 31.03.2021 31.03.2020
(In %) (In %)
1. Return on Assets 35.86 (10.33)
2. Inventory Turnover 0.00 0.00
3. Interest Coverage Ratio 0.00 0.00
4. Current Ratio 2.20 0.7
5. Debt Equity Ratio 0.09 0.05
6. Operating Profit Margin (%) 63.55 0.00
7. Net Profit Margin (%) 63.61 0.00

Details pertaining to Net-worth of the Company:

Particulars 31.03.2021 31.03.2020 Explanation for change in Net- worth
(In Rs.) (In Rs.)
Net-worth 48626000 25297000

Disclosure of Accounting Treatment:

The Company has followed the same Accounting Standard as prescribed in preparation of Financial Statements.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of
One Global Service Provider Limited
(Formerly Known as Overseas Synthetics Limited)
Vijay Nanaji Dhawangale
Managing Director
Date: 07th September, 2021