Richirich Inventures Ltd Management Discussions.


A. Industry Structure and developments:

The company was a part of agro based solvent extraction industry, till the year 2003. Thereafter since then company is struggling to explore new business opportunities.

During the year 2009-10 the Company under the leadership of erstwhile Director Shri Ashok M .chhajed had taken a new initiative of launching ‘PROPERTY EX, a new area of business with great enthusiasm to deal in corporate services, advisory services real e state broking services, property management and HR management services.

The company had developed a real estate brokers network to buy, sale, and lease the property which offers corporate services, advisory services real estate broking services, property management and HR management services under the portal But unfortunately, the expectations from the venture did not turn up, leaving with heavy losses Company had appointed 108 franchisees across Mumbai city but response was very negative and therefore the business of Property-ex was closed prematurely, after incurring heavy losses.

At present company is engaged in fund & non-fund-based activities but not as an Investment Company by utilizing their experience of trade, and industry. Therefore, to say company at present in the service sectorandthe activities of the company are yet to settle, but not as Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFC).

B. Opportunities:

As stated above, the company with the available resources is exploring the new business ventures in the Real Estate/Agro based or any other line of business in coming time.

C. Once bitten twice shy, since the company has lost its major part of capital, do not want to take any aggressive move with the growing competition and unstable policies and practice in the trade and industry.

D. The company has requisite internal control systems commensurate with the size, in all financial and functional areas.