Rishab Special Yarns Ltd Management Discussions.

Following the inception of GST, the company is looking at various opportunities and shall be able to take a decision in nearfuture.

Opportunity and Threat


The Company enjoys lower anti dumping duty In Turkey, a major export market and hence is trying to start exports of Polyester Filament Yarn. Also the company sees a possible opportunity of entering new businesses and is examining various business opportunities like, Granite cutting and polishing, manufacturing of other plastics or synthetic products to utilize the existing land and buiidlngat Abu Road, gainfully.

In the meanwhile we are considering the option of commencing activity of processing precious and semi precious stones. The promoters enjoy generations of experience in the field.

Threat; Limited availability of fund smakeslt difficult for the Company to restart operation.

Segment-wise or product wise performance: Due to suspension of operations there is nothing to report on segment-wise performance.


The outlook of the company shall depend on Its ability to raise finances for its future planning. We are hopeful of starting a profitable activity and gainfully utilize available assets of the company during the period ahead.

Risk and on cnceren

Risk and on conceren shall be duly evaluated be fo refinalizing business activity.

Internal Control systems and their adequacy;

The company has adequate control systems commensurate with its size of business activity,

Discussion on financial performance with respect to operational performance;

The company has now been able to payoff its secured lenders. The company having discontinued its earlier operations now look forward to utilize its assets gainfully and is examining varlous optlonst also.

Material Development In Human Resources/lndustrial front:-

Company continues to have good record of industrial reliton.